Nicknames: x
Titles: The Sulfury
Other Info
Description: x
Species: x
Habitats: x
Other monsters in Relation: x
Elements: x
Ailments: 18px / Fireblight
Weaknesses: 18px
Signature move: x
Creator: x


Weakpoints / Breakable Body Parts:

Head: 44 (Cut) / 50 (Blunt) Can be broken

Armored Body Part: 5 (Cut) / 30 (Blunt) Can be broken

Body: 30 (Cut) / 25 (Blunt)

Feet: 25 (Cut) / 30 Blunt)

Claws: 20 (Cut) / 40 (Blunt) Can be broken with Blunt Damage.

Wings: 45 (Cut) / 5 (Blunt) Can be cut with Cut Damage.


Sulphragi live in caves near volcanic active areas. They dwell inside the cave and will only leave it to hunt for food.


  • Attack 1: Pseudowyvern Charge (Low/High/G): Same Charge as Tigrex.
  • Attack 2: Sulfur Pseudowyvern Bite (Low/High/G): Bite similar to Tigrex Bite, with a little twist. When enraged, the Sulphragus will breath sulfur gas while biting, causing poison.
  • Attack 3: Sulfur Breath (Low/High/G): The Sulphragus steps back and lowers it head and swiping it from left to right, spitting a stream of orange with purple mixed gas. Medium Damage. Causes Fireblight and Poison.
  • Attack 4: Pounce (Low/High/G): The Sulphragus will pounce at a targeted hunter. This is hard to avoid because of the speed of the Sulphragus. High Damage.
  • Attack 5: Claw Strike (Low/High/G): Sulphragus jumps a short distance forward and slashes at the hunter with the right claw. High Damage. When enraged, this attack can be followed up with Sulfur Pseudowyvern Bite.


The Sulphragus is an around 8 feet long and 5 feet high, has four-fingereds paws, featuring sickle-like claws on all legs.

His body is of an sulfur orange and light yellow highlights, the spine features buzzsaw-like scales and his back features two heavily armored rock-like growths. The wings are small and made for gliding on volcanic upstreams, they feature a yellow, orange and red pattern in form of a sun.

The head is spear-formed, featuring a beak with sharp fangs inside and an armor made of scales around its neck. The eyes of the sulphragus feature an aquamarine green.

When enraged, purple clouds are expelled from the growths on his back and purple broth forms around his mouth.


The Sulphragus is proud, but mostly docile when not threatened. If a sulphragus is threatened, it will try to scare his enemy away, using poisonous sulfur gas.

When it is mating season, sulphragi leave their caves and gather around volcanic platforms to perform the mating. While mating, the male sulphragi will expel huge amounts of sulfur gas, the male with the strongest and largest cloud will get the female.

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