Nicknames: Shela
Titles: Shield Head Neopteron
Other Info
Description: A female Neopteron living in muddy places with trees. Stashela has a great shield as head that protects her from most attacks. She can cause vortexes in the mud to trap monsters to attack them.
Species: Neopteron
Habitats: Forested and muddy areas like the Moor and the Bamboo Forest
Other monsters in Relation: Stavoro
Elements: 25px
Ailments: 25px, 25px, 25px
Weaknesses: StatusEffect-Thunderblight-MH4 Icon, then 25px
Signature move: Shield slam
Creator: Democide

Demo's Creature List


The head resembles a big shield that is hard enough to stand almost every attack. Stashela's in comparison to her shield small body has wings with green elytrons that she can use to fly for a short time. The shield has a brown color with some areas of green what gives a good camouflage effect. The remaining body is green but the legs are brown.


Average: 1600,41 cm

Biggest size measured: 2051,87 cm


Stashela inhabits forested areas with muddy areas as the Flooded Forest, the Bamboo Forest and the Moor where she can dig herself in.


  • The weakness is thunder, then fire.
  • In Rage Mode the body gets greenish black.
  • When exhausted she needs more time to get up after a shield slam.
  • Stashela has the earth element through its vortex.
  • The female Neopteron was seen digging into the mud only the shield visible and waiting for prey or foes that walk on its shield. Then she will throw them away and attack them.
  • She's often seen with its male counterpart, the Stavoro.
  • In rare cases the monster goes around with its larvae.
    • This happens when they move or a temporary threat enters her territory. In this case she attaches the eggs and larvae on her belly. This is a quite rare appearance.
  • She feeds of smaller monsters that get stuck in the mud.
  • With her big shield Stashela can close the nest's entrance to protect the offspring/eggs. The camouflage effect is used to merge with the bark of the tree they live within.
  • Breakable parts are the shield (twice), the wings and the mouth parts. The shield can only be broken with impact damage and a part torn off after broken twice.


  1. Throwing away with its shield
  2. Shield slam
  3. Bite
  4. Shield slam while flying
  5. Digging in and producing a vortex (hit target gets stuck in the mud)
  6. Charge attack
  7. Throwing up mud with the shield (muddy status)


Chitin Armor (every boss Neopteron), Compound Eye (every boss Neopteron), Stashela Shell, Stashela Mouth Parts (when broken), Stashela Shield (only when broken twice or/and carved from shield), Stashela Wing (when broken), Stashela Leg, Stashela Larva (rare)

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