Nicknames: none
Titles: Conquerors from beyond
Other Info
Description: An alien race
Species: Alien species
Habitats: Ssi-ruvi Starship
Other monsters in Relation: each other
Elements: none
Ailments: none
Weaknesses: varies
Signature move: varies
Creator: Gojira57

The Ssi-ruvi are an alien race from another world that appear in Monster Hunter EX's Invasion expansion. No one knows where they came from, but thier origins probally lie in the stars beyond. They created the Mechanized monsters that they sent to destroy human cities and villages.

General Physiology

Aside from the attanae that sprout from nostril like organs on their face, they look reptillian. They sport large eyes, and long three digit hands and feet. They have beak like mouths full of teeth. Their skin colors can vary from brown, Yellow, Red, Blue and Green. Most have a slim build, but the warriors have mucular bodies. Their tongues are like those of a snake's.


The Ssi-Ruvi conquered many worlds in order to colonize them, and this planet was next on their list. They use their mechanized monsters to attempt to wipe out most if not all of the "Vermin" (namely, the humans, felynes, and other races that inhabit the planet). Once they wiped out the "Vermin", they will colonize the planet, and enslave those that they did not kill off.

Ssi-ruvi Creations


These creations of the Ssi-Ruvi are usually mechanical in looks and nature, although there are cyborg like Monsterdroids. They are the main forces of the Ssi-ruvi, who, with the exception of the warriors, are not well suited for battle.

Enteched Monsters

These monsters made by the Ssi-ruvi are purely mechanical in looks, but have the souls of monsters inside them to power them. This is done by a process called "Entechment" where they siphon an organism's life energy, and consequently it's soul, and channel them into a new, mechanized body, where they are under the full control of the Ssi-Ruvi.

Currently, there are many different documented types of Enteched Monsters, but even fewer are even confirmed.

A note from a hunter who fought a Mechanogre, and survived, tells of a tale of pity for the enteched Fanged Wyvern.

I felt bad for the mechanogre, as it looked as if it did not want to fight, yet was being forced to by it's new alien masters. As I fought it, I could make out something like a crying sound in it's mechanical roars. It was suffering, it wanted it's suffering and pain to end. When I finally defeated it, the power source of the mechanized creature shut down, and it seemed to sigh peacefully, as it's pain and suffering has ended. I could not help but cry as it did. The Ssi-ruvi had no right to do this to a monster, It was inhumane, and worst of all, they seem to enjoy their victim's suffering. We have to put an end to this.

Organic Creations

Ssi-ruvi types

Ssi-ruvi Scientist

Coming soon....

Ssi-ruvi Warrior

Coming soon....

Ssi-ruvi Commander

Coming soon....

Ssi-Ruvi Queen

Coming soon....


To call the Ssi-ruvi a bunch of inhumane and barbaric reptiles is like calling a Deviljho a hungry lizard. It is an understatement, although somewhat appropriate. The Ssi-Ruvi don't care about the pain of the living beings they use in their experiments, only the results.

They also have a rather large ego,and are insulted very easily. They see other races as just another power source to power their machines. They also find the scent of other races "distasteful", especially humans. They wiped out entire races in other parts of the universe, and whoever they did not kill, they enslaved, and breed like aptonoth, just for the purpose of powering their machines with said being's soul.

More coming soon....


  • They do have a very good sense of smell, and find the smell of humans distasteful.
  • They are Monster Hunter EX's first extraterrestrial creatures, to be confirmed.

Gojira57's Notes

  • A render will come soon...
  • They may appear in Monster Hunter Hurricurse: Invasion, in the place of the Blood Dragons.

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