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Spinosuroka is a massive brute wyvern living in the Lost World and (very rarely) seen in the Flooded Forest and Swamp regions. It is the largest of the brute wyverns.

Attacks and elements

Spinosuroka is a Water element monster, and is weakest to Fire, followed by Thunder. It has many attacks.

  • Claw swipe: Spinosuroka will swipe the hunter with its claws. Causes a small to medium amount of damage.
  • Jaw snap: Spinosuroka will snap its jaws at the hunter. Causes a small to medium amount of damage.
  • Charge: Spinosuroka will run at the hunter with its jaws snapping and claws swiping side-to-side. Causes a high amount of damage.
  • Tail whip: Spinosuroka will whack the hunter with its tail, causing a medium to high amount of damage.
  • Hurricane: Spinosuroka will spin its tail around underwater, causing a tornado-like effect. Causes an extremely high amount of damage to instant KO. Can only be used underwater.
  • Pin: Spinosuroka will pin the hunter and bite him/her repeatedly. Causes a high amount of damage, KO if not stopped.
  • Bite: Spinosuroka will bite the hunter. Causes a small amount of damage.

Appearance and behaviour

Spinosuroka is a gigantic brute wyvern resembling the prehistoric dinosaur Spinosaurus. It is a dark red coloration with a massive bright red sail. This sail can be broken twice. At the end of a tail is a fluke resembling the tail of a shark. Spinosuroka's body is covered in thick scutes, which can be broken once and twice on the neck and back respectively. Hunters should also beware of the crocodile-like jaws and massive clawed hands. The tail is long, and can be severed.

Spinosuroka prefers wet areas, and will often enter the water. It will eat fish or small monsters such as Epioth or Ludroth. Despite mostly feeding on aquatic animals, it is still an aggressive monster and should be treated with extreme caution.


Spinosuroka can be carved four times, the tail can be carved twice.


  • Spinosuroka Claw (50%).
  • Spinosuroka Scale (100%)
  • Spinosuroka Fang (100%)
  • Lrg Monster Bone (70%)


  • Spinosuroka Tail (80%).
  • Spinosuroka Scale (100%).

Rewards for breaking

Scutes (Neck x1, back x2) Sail (x2) Tail (x1)
Spinosuroka Scale (100%), Magnificent Scute (80%), Crimson Scute (2%) Spinosuroka Fin (100%), Giant Fin (70%), Crimson Fin (10%), Ruby Fin (1%)

Spinosuroka Tail (100%), Crimson Fluke (30%), Magnificent Fluke (1%)

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