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Spinosaurodon is a Brute Wyvern i came up with. I hope you really like it!                                                        

Description: "Spinosaurodon, the Earthshaker, is an immense Brute Wyvern the size of the world eater Deviljho. It is a newly discovered speices of Brute Wyvern said to be  stronger than Abiorugu. It lives in the great forest and can travel to the forest peak by climbing the massive tree with its Sword-like claws. It preys on many monsters, and no man who has seen it has lived to tell the tale."

Appearance: Spinosaurodon is a large brute wyvern that looks like Spinosaurus. It has huge claws that can cut a man in half and a large sail on its back. It also has a long tail that ends in a sword-like bony protrusion. Spinosaurodon uses this tail like Abiorugu does, by slicing with the sharp edge. It is a deep and dark green color and controls the water element. It can shoot a powerful beam of superheated water from its mouth like that of Deviljho or Abiorugu. It can inflict "Scald" by doing this. It has hard scales that require white sharpness to peirce and large fangs for peircing and slicing through flesh. It is an apex predator in its habitat and even White Espinas will be wary of it when it travels to the Great Forest Peak.


Greatsword: Pachacuti Blade (note Spinosaurodons title is "Earthshaker" and "Pachacuti" is Incan for "Earthshaker" pronounced patch-uh-coo-tee

Attack: 1,310

Element: Water 200

Longsword:Prehistoric Rage

Attack: 1,110

Element: Water 300

Dual Blades: Prehistoric Vengence

Attack: 450

Element: Water 500

Sword And Sheild: Prehistoric Claw

Attack: 440

Element: Water 510

Lance: Prehistoric Scar


Element:Water 330

Switch Axe: Prehistoric Slash

Attack: 1,209

Element: Water 230

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