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Move set

Note: It is similar to Great Jaggi and other alpha raptors.

Forward Bite

Bites at the hunter 1-2 times, taking a step forwards and swinging its body while it does so. The first bite can also be directly followed on by a Side Bite.

Side Bite

swings its body around and bites hunters standing behind it. This attack is almost always used when the hunter is standing behind the Spinonyx. This attack may also follow on from other attacks, such as the Forward Bite, which can catch inexperienced hunters off-guard.

Hip Check

lines itself up so that its side is facing towards the hunter. It then jumps forwards, slamming the hunter with its side. This attack is relatively rare normally, exception being when in rage mode, when it uses it more often.


Tramples the ground twice, then roars at the hunter. Requires HG earplugs to block without a shield.

Tail Whip

steps towards the hunter, swinging its body so that it turns 180 degrees. This attack is always performed a second time, in which the Spinonyx will step back to where it was originally.

Claw Swipe

unique move where the Spinonyx uses it's larger claw(s) on it's hands as a weapon to slash at hunters.

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