Nicknames: Somny, Som
Titles: The Elder Toad
Other Info
Description: Camouflaging perfectly with their habitat's surroundings, Somillus perform ambushes with mucus full of powerful sleep agents. Be cautious!
Species: Amphibian
Habitats: Underground Cave, Old Swamp, Swamp, Flooded Forest
Other monsters in Relation: Tetsukabura, Zaboazagiru
Elements: Water
Ailments: Sleep, Waterblight
Weaknesses: Ice, Thunder
Signature move: Sleep Spit, Sleep Claw, Water Blast
Creator: ArzurosSkinRug
Somillus is an Amphibian monster. It inhabits mostly Caves and Swamps, mainly for the endless supply of Neopterons it can snack on.


Somillus are unusual among Amphibian monsters, as they are the only ones of their kind sporting hair. This strange occurance is what has earned it the title "The Elder Toad", as it appears old. They have a pouch just under the chin that contains a potent sleep inducing mucus. Their toes are a turquoise sort of color, and hide retractable claws.



Somillus's claws in and out of rage mode.

n addition to spitting mucus to put hunters and prey asleep, Somillus, upon entering rage, bring out their claws and hock a large pool of mucus in front of them which they then jump into, feet first. This allows them to put foes to sleep via scratching. Somillus can also swallow water and blast it as a hose, like Plesioth.


Somillus rely on ambush tactics. They lie in wait, passively, but when something draws close enough, they lunge with their wide maw in an attempt to swallow the potential prey whole. However, Somillus are also known for their wiseness and will shy away from monsters they know they cannot defeat.

Introductory Cutscene

Coming soon.


Coming soon.


Moves Things to Note
Lunging Bite  Can be simply dodged via rolling. Usually done 1-2 times and when a hunter is put to sleep.
Super Jump Requires Quake +1 to be resisted. Quake +2 on G-rank.
Charge Will change direction after the first charge. May be done 2-3 times.
Sleep Spit Puts a hunter immediately to sleep on the spot, unlike the Great Baggi's sleep spit attack.
Sleep Claw Done mostly only in rage. Can be done out of rage, albeit very rare and will not inflict sleep.
Water Hose Done rarely. Stretches the length of the area.
Tail Smash Similar to Zinogre, in that it does a backflip. Usually performed after super jump or claw attacks.
Virus Spit Done only when in infected mode.
Virus Claw Done only when in infected mode.


  • Somillus's name comes from a combination of the words sleep and hair in latin: Somana and Et Capillus respectively.
  • It is based off of the real-world "Hairy Frog".
  • Front legs and back hair can be sheared, face scarred twice, and tail can be cut off.
  • Once both Somillus's front legs are broken, it will stumble upon landing from a jump. Much like Barrioth.
  • When infected with Feral Wyvern Virus, and it comes back to life, the mucus in its pouch will be a dark purple and will inflict the virus instead of sleep.

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