Snow Lirota
Nicknames: Snow Liro, S. Lirota
Titles: Snow Trapper
Other Info
Description: A subspecies of Lirota that lives in cold areas. It builds traps in the snow to catch small monsters. Is able to spit ice to freeze its caught prey and trapped hunters.
Species: Neopteron
Habitats: Snowy areas like the Antarctic Ground
Other monsters in Relation: Snow Liroteron, Lirota, Liroteron
Elements: 25px
Ailments: 25px, StatusEffect-Snowman
Weaknesses: 25px, then StatusEffect-Thunderblight-MH4 Icon
Signature move: Bite Attacks
Creator: Democide

Demo's Creature List


Its body is white with black, iced mouth parts. They are bigger than the mouth parts of the normal one but it's smaller altogether. The spikes on its back are out of solid ice. Snow Lirota has light blue belt-like patterns that go around its body. The claws are iced and sharper than the claws of the normal one.


Average: 318,90 cm


Snow Lirota prefers areas which are covered in snow where it can build its trap what is found in areas like the Tundra and the Antarctic Ground.


  • The weakness is wind, then thunder.
  • It feeds of the same as its cousin and catches it the same way but it uses ice element to freeze and knock out the caught.
  • Like its cousin Snow Lirota won't be destroyed when killed.
  • Unlike the normal subspecies it pupates by freezing and breaks through the ice when metamorphed.


  1. Bite (iceblight)
  2. Claw attack (iceblight)
  3. Body check
  4. Jump attack
  5. Ice spit (snowman status effect and iceblight)


Snow Lirota Shell, Snow Lirota Jaw, Snow Lirota Claw, Monster Fluid

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