It was a silent day in the revalius region, in the outskirts of Central city, a lone figure stands near a tree.

Hurricurse the Unforgiving wind, Why does that name always haunt me? It's the only thing I can remember, and that rather.....Gruesome image.

The Image is always the same. Hurricurse is running away with a woman. when they reached a dead end, and a group of armed men trapped them. the woman reached out before The Bowgun shot causes the image to white out, and Hurricurse hears himself yell "Liniar!" but then it ends

Who am I, and why cant I remember anything? And who is Liniar?

Then the skies darkened....

That cannot be a good sign!

Then the source of the disturbance reveals itself to be a monster that even Hurricurse has never seen before, a monster that was now attacking Central City!

KISISA! She could be at risk!

Hurricurse ran towards the city, in hopes that he could arrive in time to save Kisisa....

But this was only the beginning......

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