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The Slitherak is an Annelidiark that lives in Xenos. It is highly adaptable, able to live in many habitats except for the freezing tundra regions. Known for it's large, three jawed mouth, and it's ability to spit a highly corrosive acid, which can inflict defense down, and do moderate damage to the hunter, it can be a challenge to even veteran hunters. It's trademark feature is the large sail like fins on it's sides, which fold down when burrowing.

In Game info:

With three jawed mouth, and a Acid spit, this worm is a challenge to even veteran hunters. However, if it's jaw's are broken, the Slitherak's ability to spit will be impaired.

Monster info table

Weakness: Ice, then Thunder

Ailments: Defense down

Weakness sign: Burrowing, rather than slithering.

Size: large

Habitats: Anywhere except the cold areas


  • It's tail can be severed, it's Jaws broken, and it's fins scarred.
  • However, the tail must be broken and scarred before being severed.
  • It will feed on any small monster when low on stamina.
  • When it's jaws are broken, it ill fail to spit it's corrosive acid.


  • The name "Slitherak" comes from the term "Slither", which mirrors it's snake like movements.

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