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In Game info:

A creature that was sighted only recently, it is actually, according to most sources, a conglomerate of smaller creatures. It's tail contins paralyzing toxins, although it may have other tricks up it's sleeves....


It is found to inhabit many tropical, subtropical and Temperate regions in the world.


Shimouris is classified as a ???, due to it's unique nature as a conglomerate of creatures, and it's resembelence to  Neopterons and Carrapaceons, but is seperate from the Cheliceratas for lacking Arachnid like features. Until a concensus is reached, it will remain in the ??? class.


Despite it's appearance, it is actually a conglomerate of millions of smaller creatures merged together to create one single entity. there are different types of these animals, each with their own purpose, for example, some are acting as the "Eyes" of the creature, while others act as the internal organs, and even more act as the scales of the creature.

Each individual that makes up the "Cells" in the superorganism is connected to the other through a "Hive Mind", So essentially, every one of these small creatures is another set of parts for the overmind.

It is unknown how they reproduce, although it is possible that they reproduce by splitting into smaller Shimouris in a process similar to binary fission.

Ecological Niche

Shimouris, while it has the potential to be an apex predator, Is actually a scavenger, and searches for carcasses all over the world to feed on, although it will feed on living prey, like Aptonoth, Slagtoth, Apceros, Rhenoplos, Epioth, and othe Herbivores.

They hasve to compete with fierce competition, like Deviljho, Rajang, Wilolu, and perhaps even Elder dragons like Teostra and Shagaru Magara. But with a ressilient carrapace, paralyzing toxins, and a Fearsome attitude, the Shimouris is not to be taken lightly.

It is said that there is only one creature that they fear: Gojiran.


Shimouris, despite being mainly a scavenger, is a fearsome creature, and will not tolerate other predators or scavengers in it's territory. It attacks without provokation, and is notorious for swooping down from the air towards hunters to take them by surprise.

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