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Attack Description Damage How often
 Fire-Ball Attack Spits out a Fire ball Moderate + Fireblight often
Backflip Makes a backflip in midair like a Rathian Moderate + Poison often
Charge Charges at the Hunter on all fours. can do this up to three times in succession when enraged. Moderate Often, Very often in rage mode
Triple Fire Ball Spit Spits Three Fire balls in succession. One directly forward, one to the left and one to the right. Moderate (per fire ball) + Fireblight Often.
Jump Back Jumps backwards. If it sustained enough damage, will immediately go into rage mode None Often
Dragon Roar plants its front legs on the ground, its forewings open, then it lets out a deafening roar. None Sometimes
Leaping Pounce Black Tigrex jumps at the hunter Moderate Often
Super Roar  takes a deep breath, swallowing air and debris, then it emits an incredibly powerful roar. Then taunts giving hunters ample time to recover or attack. May also use rampage beforehand (if so, it will not taunt at the end) Large Sometimes
Rampage charges at the hunter, slamming its legs and wildly swinging its head as it does so. It will either finish this move with a Super Roar or just a regular roar. Moderate Sometimes
360 degrees Tailspin spins around and moves slightly forward Moderate Often
Advancing 360 spins 360 degrees while advancing towards the hunter. Moderate Sometimes
Ground Throw pushes against the ground with its right arm, causing three rocks to fly towards the hunter. Medium Often
Wyvern Fire takes a few steps back and releases a giant fireball. This fireball scatters when it hits the ground and causes multiple explosions, covering a wide area. If it hits the hunter directly before hitting the ground, no explosions will be caused, as the hunter took the full brunt of the attack. Large Sometimes
Aeirial Bite will close the distance, hover above the hunter for a moment and then bite (almost peck) at whatever is underneath it Moderate Often
Aerial Dive will move violently at first while hovering at one spot and then sent itself diving torwards the hunter. This attack always results in the Sherureusu landing as it is how the attack ends. This attack is not a lock-on move until the moment the Sherureusu starts the actual dive. Moderate Often

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