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Sherureusu (Monster Hunter EX)
Nicknames: Sheru
Titles: Ancestor of royalty
Other Info
Species: Flying Wyvern
Habitats: Forgotten Island
Other monsters in Relation: Rathalos, Rathian, Wyvern Rex, Black Sherureusu
Elements: Fire
Ailments: Poison, Fireblight,Severe Fireblight
Weaknesses: Thunder, Ice, Dragon
Signature move: Fire Breath, Super Roar
Creator: Gojira57

The Sherureusu is a Flying Wyvern that was thought to be extinct until it's discovery in the Forgotten Island. It is the direct ancestor of the Rathalos and Rathian, and was a evolutionary split from the Wyvern Rex. It stands on all fours for most of the time like a Tigrex, but it can breathe fire like Rathalos and Rathian, and can use it's tail to poison foes like a Rathian.


While it was at one point wide spread, it is now confined to the Forgotten Island, Where many prey items are available, Ancient Desert, Lost Jungle , and Magma Falls .


  • It's moveset is similar to both the Rathian and Tigrex
  • When low on stamina, it will attack and eat an Aptonoth or Bullfango to regain stamina.
  • It has a pin attack, where it pounces on a hunter, and if the pounce connects, The Sherureusu will start to take bites out of the hunter to regain stamina, doing damage as it does. A Hunter can break free, or throw a dung bomb at the Sherureusu to escape.
  • Like Rathian, it will not eat a meat that is placed on the ground by hunters unless it does not see the hunters first.
  • In rage mode, It is faster and more aggressive in it's attacks.
  • It is the First "Extinct Species" that appears in MHEX, along with Keputosu.
  • It uses the same roaring sound as Rathalos/Rathian
  • It shares the Tigrex's theme.


  • It's Moveset is based on Black Tigrex and Rathian.

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