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Description and Information

Name: Seraphlight

Species/Monster Type: Neopteron

Element(s): Thunder

Aliment(s)/Status Effect(s): Paralysis, Stun, Poison, Distortion

  • It inflicts paralysis with the small participles of light that trail behind it. It starts out with a few, but will sometimes create a cloud of them when it moves or dodges quickly.
  • It stuns by fading it's lights out a bit and then flashing them extremely bright briefly. The effect is that of a flash bomb that works on hunters as well as other monsters that are able to be stunned.
  • It poisons by opening the pores on the sides of its head. At first it seeps out slowly before spraying a cloud around itself.

Weakest to: Fire

Weakness Sign: N/A

Signature Move: Distortion Halo

  • Very rarely, its forehead bulb will grow very bright. A halo of light will appear inflicting the status known as "distortion". This can be dodge by turning away from it to avoid looking at the halo.
  • Distortion will obscure a hunter's vision making it difficult to move, attack, and dodge accurately. The hunter's vision will become shaky, blurry, and contain afterimages. The effect varies randomly and can contain any combination of these three visual obscuritites. The duration is ten to twenty seconds.

Habitat(s): (Caves, Rainy places)

Size: (That of a very large Vespoid. Possibly even larger.)

Monster(s) in Relation:


  • The name is a combination of the words "seraph" and "light".
  • It is based on a firefly.
  • Its bulbs' shapes are based on a bleeding heart flower.
  • When it dies, all of its bulbs close up.


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