Monster Hunter Legion - Sesshosaki
Nicknames: Sessho, Selz
Titles: Grasping Wyvern, The Devil's Pet, Terror Feeder
Other Info
Description: Pseudowyverns with long wing tendrils used for grasping prey. These creatures are so cruel and vile to human beings that seldom have seen it and lived to tell the tale. They have been known to feed off of anguish.
Species: Flying Wyvern (Pseudowyvern)
Habitats: Tundra, Great Forest Peak, Interceptor's Base, Highland, Bitter Wasteland, Lost Kingdom, Lost Kingdom Peak, Deciduous Forest, Shadowy Hills, Eerie Woods
Other monsters in Relation: Falcronus
Elements: StatusEffect-Thunderblight-MH4 Icon, Element - Dark (MHZ)
Ailments: StatusEffect-Severe Thunderblight-MH4 Icon, 18px
Weaknesses: 20px / Element - Light (MHZ) (when in rage mode)
Signature move: Tendril Slash
Creator: Ukanlos Subspecies

English name: Selzonshin

Romaji: Sesshosaki

Size: Monster Hunter Legion - Sesshosaki (Size Comparison)

Selzonshin, is a malevolent Pseudowyvern first introduced in Monster Hunter Z Ultimate Frontier.


Selzonshin is a monstrous Pseudowyvern. It possesses very dark purple scales and deep black webbing on its wings, which have scythe like blades on their edges. Behind its two front legs, which have three fingers, are two extremely long wing tendrils. These wing tendrils are black in colour, with the spikes being metallic grey. Each tendril ends in a gargantuan claw that Selzonshin uses to catch its prey and swing at its foes. Its facial features are also very demonic. Instead of eyeballs, it has elongated, compound eyes that stretch across its skull. These allow Selzonshin to see an image as if it was in ultraviolet light. Because of this, Selzonshin can perceive colours that human beings cannot see. It has two horns that start from the base of its "eyes" and curve upward, and a "beard" made of black fur. When in rage mode, its claws and wings are surrounded by a dark haze of electricity, similar to that of Savage Deviljho. Its normally purple scales undergo a dramatic colour change into very bright red, and its eyes glow purple. It also starts huffing lightning sparks. 

When calm, its wing tendrils are simply dragged along the ground behind it. When enraged, the tendrils curl up, with the claws planted firmly to the ground, like extra limbs.


Selzonshin is very cruel towards other organisms. It is one of the few monsters who will actually seek out nearby villages just to destroy them. Selzonshin also, does not feed. To stay alive, it must hear and feel another organism's cries of anguish, which they resolve by capturing 10 - 20 different species of monster and dismembering them with its wing tendrils. By destroying villages, the cries of people will sate its hunger for a few weeks.


Selzonshin is a thunder element monster, capable of delivering lightning - like attacks with its wings and horns. It is also capable of firing a beam of lightning from its horns and mouth. Its front claws however, possess a different element altogether - Dark. When in rage mode, it is capable of channeling the dark element through the veins in its claws to produce a dark haze of energy to attack its foes with.


Selzonshin possesses a very large amount of attacks. Its signature attack is when it uses its wing tendrils to slash across a vast radius around it. It can also produce a field of purple lightning bolts that strike down around itself. One of its most dangerous attacks is when it raises its head and roars (not requiring earplugs) at the sky, producing a lightning bolt that strikes directly on top of its target hunter with little warning.

Attack  Rarity Damage Description Ailment Inflicted
Leap Common High Selzonshin will pause for a brief moment and leap a considerable distance towards its target. 18px Darkblight if hit by its claws in Rage mode
Strafe Very Common Moderate Selzonshin, like Nargacuga, will leap towards the right, or to the left using its tendril claws to reposition itself for a better attack 18px Darkblight if hit by its claws in Rage mode
Sliding Tackle Common Moderate Selzonshin will slide sidewards towards its target hunter, knocking any other hunter out of the way, before stopping and pausing for a brief moment, then slamming its wing blade into its target. This attack can be dangerous because Selzonshin tends to fool its target by delaying the slam by making the pause longer. 18px Darkblight if hit by its claws in Rage mode
Charge Common High Selzonshin charges forward like Tigrex. This charge may end in the following three attacks below. 18px Darkblight if hit by its claws in Rage mode
Stomp Performed after a charge High - Very High Selzonshin will stop its charge and stomp the ground violently, causing tremors around it. This attack is extremely fast and does a lot of damage. 18px Darkblight in Rage mode
Backwards Leap Common Moderate - High

Selzonshin will use its tendril claws to propel itself backwards, damaging any hunter its claws hit, and any hunter it lands on.

If done after the charge, Selzonshin will simply leap backwards without the aid of its tendrils, making this attack significantly faster. Selzonshin can also follow up with another charge after the leap, making this attack far more dangerous.

Horn Thrust Uncommon / Performed after a charge High Selzonshin will stop for a brief moment, then thrust its horns upwards once. If done after the charge, Selzonshin rears up on its hind legs while it thrusts its horns. None
Sliding Bite Uncommon / Performed after a charge Moderate - High Selzonshin will slide towards its target hunter, knocking any other hunter out of the way. When it reaches its target, it quickly bites at them once. None
Wing Smash

Close - Very Common

Far - N/A

High Selzonshin will use the scythe - like bones on its wings to slam the ground, first to the right, then to the left, with each respective wing. None
Jumping Stomp / Horn Thrust

Calm - Uncommon

Enraged - Common

High - Very High Selzonshin will jump up, land on its front legs, and thrust its horns upwards. None
Tendril Slash

Close - Rare

Far - Very Common

Moderate - High Selzonshin will rear up on its hind legs. It will then swing its right claw tendril across in front of it, in a very wide, 180 degree arc, before it lands back on its front legs. None
Tendril Slam

Close - Uncommon / Calm - Rare

Far - Common / Enraged - Uncommon

High Selzonshin will jump up, and slam both of its tendril claws down on the ground while hovering for a few seconds, before dropping back down on all fours. None
Whirling Tendril Slash

Calm - Very Rare

Enraged - Uncommon

Very High Selzonshin will rear up, emit a small roar (not requiring earplugs) then jump up in the air while quickly positioning itself so that its body is horizontal in mid air, before violently spinning around 720 degrees, its tendrils spinning with it and slashing the ground with every spin. Selzonshin will land back on all fours and shake its head, allowing some time to attack. None
Thunder Stream Uncommon High

Selzonshin will plant its front legs on the ground, emit a small roar (not requiring earplugs), then fire a stream of electricity from its horns that travels in a straight line.

This attack has extremely long range - the stream of electricity Selzonshin fires can cover the entire length of area 2 of the Tundra.

StatusEffect-Severe Thunderblight-MH4 IconSevere Thunderblight
Thunder Beam 1

Calm - Common

Enraged - Common

High - Very High Selzonshin will shake its head violently, its horns beginning to spark as it does so, before it positions its right claw in front of it so that its body is sideways. It then fires a thudner element beam that it sweeps across 180 degrees. When enraged, it may do this twice in a row, spinning 360 degrees as a result, but stopping for a brief moment in between the two 180 beams.  StatusEffect-Severe Thunderblight-MH4 Icon Severe Thunderblight
Thunder Beam 2 Rage Only High - Very High Selzonshin will rear up on its hind legs and fire a thunder beam in a straight line in front of it. After this initial beam, Sesshosaki fires another beam straight down towards the ground, with the recoil pushing it back a few metres in mid air. StatusEffect-Severe Thunderblight-MH4 IconSevere Thunderblight
Thunder Pool Performed while in mid air Very High Selzonshin will take flight. It positions itself so that its right side is facing its target while raising its head and gathering thunder. It then curves its body violently to the right while firing a thunder ball that explodes into a pool of electricity that lasts for a few seconds when it touches the ground. StatusEffect-Severe Thunderblight-MH4 IconSevere Thunderblight
Thunder Pounce

Calm - Rare

Enraged - Common

High - Very High Selzonshin will charge its tendril claws with thunder element sparks. After a few moments, it pounces and slams its tendrils towards the ground. StatusEffect-Severe Thunderblight-MH4 IconSevere Thunderblight
Thunder Field Common Extremely High 

Selzonshin will stay in place while roaring loudly for roughly 8 seconds (requires earplugs, although the roar effect will only last for 2 seconds) while charging its body up with the thunder element. After charging up, its body becomes completely surrounded by a field of thunder as it raises its head and howls towards the sky.

If this attack is successfully performed, Selzonshin will enter rage mode instantly.

StatusEffect-Severe Thunderblight-MH4 IconSevere Thunderblight
Triple Tendril Slash to Thunder Field Rage Only Very High - Extremely High Selzonshin will rear up on its hind legs and slash its right wing tendril acrossin a 180 degree arc in front of it. It will then slash its right wing tendril back across the opposite direction again while also slashing its left one. It then swings its left wing back while taking flight. When it lands, it will be surrounded by a field of thunder. StatusEffect-Severe Thunderblight-MH4 IconSevere Thunderblight
Lightning Field Uncommon High Selzonshin will charge its horns up with lightning, before thursting them upwards, summoning a field of lightning bolts that strike the ground around it. StatusEffect-Severe Thunderblight-MH4 IconSevere Thunderblight
Lightning Bolt Rage Only Very High Selzonshin will face its target, charge its horns up with lightning, while slightly lifting its forelegs off the ground. It then lands back on all fours while growling at the hunter, summoning a lightning bolt above them. The lightning bolt strikes down extremely fast and does a great deal of damage.  StatusEffect-Severe Thunderblight-MH4 IconSevere Thunderblight
Tendril Claw Smash

Close - N/A

Far - Uncommon

Very Far - Common

Moderate - High Selzonshin will smash one of its tendril claws at a hunter quite far away from it. None
Reposition Very Common Moderate Using its claw tendrils as launchers, Selzonshin will jump up in the air and land in another location. None
Body Slam Common High Using its claw tendrils as launchers, Selzonshin will jump up in the air, flap its wings once while at the same time taking of its claw tendrils off of ground, before it smashes back down on the ground, causing tremors around it. None
Dark Claw Rage Only Very High Selzonshin turns around 180 degrees while slashing at a hunter with a dark element enhanced claw. 18pxDarkblight
Flight Common None Selzonshin hovers above the ground. Its tendrils are dragged along the ground when calm. When enraged, the claws on the tendrils will be "walking" on the ground if Sesshosaki moves. None
Aerial Tendril Slash Performed while in mid air High Selzonshin will sweep one of its tendrils below it in 150 degree arc. None
Roar 1st sight / Transition into Rage mode High - Very High The standard Tigrex roar, but Selzonshin surrounds itself with the thunder element. Requires HGE's, or a weapon that can guard to block. Hunters that are close to Selzonshin will be thrown back and take damage, while the hunters that are touching its body will take higher damage. StatusEffect-Severe Thunderblight-MH4 IconSevere Thunderblight
Taunt Performed after the reposition and any LIGHTNING attack Small Selzonshin will stay in place while growling at a hunter. None


  • Its horns, wings, and claws can be broken, and its tail and tendrils can be cut.
    • When both of its tendrils are cut, the left one is longer than the right one.
  • Selzonshin is immune to flash bombs.
Item Effect
Item Name Able Effectiveness Duration (1st time) Duration (2nd time) Duration (3rd time onwards) Duration (Rage Mode) Duration (Fatigued) Notes
Pitfall Trap ★★ 11 seconds 8 seconds 7 seconds 6 seconds 12 seconds
Shock Trap ★☆ 7 seconds 6 seconds 5 seconds 3 seconds 9 seconds
Flash Bomb X ☆☆☆
Sonic Bomb X ☆☆☆
Dung Bomb ★★★ Causes it to leave the area.
Meat X ☆☆☆


Sesshosaki Theme

Sesshosaki Theme