Nicknames: Scale
Titles: The Underground Terror
Other Info
Species: Lindwyrms
Habitats: anywhere in the temperate zone or in deserts.
Other monsters in Relation: Lapis Scalera, Onyx Scalera
Elements: Terra
Ailments: Poison
Weaknesses: Ice/Thunder, then Fire
Signature move: Venom bite
Creator: Gojira57

The Scalera is a Lindwyrm that appears in Monster Hunter EX. It is long and serpentine, with powerful legs, and vestigial wings. The Scalera normally lives underground, although it comes to the surface when it's time to breed, or when pursuing a threat in it's territory. It has a venomous bite.


They are sepentine in shape, with powerful front claws, long body, and vestigial wings. Their eyes are not well developed, so they are essentially blind. They have a forked tongue similar to snakes. It's scales are smooth.


They are Ambush predators, often attacking from under the ground to suprise prey and foes alike, as their Front claws are used as digging tools, similar to a mole. They rely on hearing when underground since their eyesight is poor, and they use their flickering snake like tongue to smell the air when above ground.

Introduction Scene

Coming soon...

Move set

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Coming soon...


Low Rank

  • Scalera Scale
  • Scalera Hide
  • Scalera Fang
  • Scalera Claw
  • Scalera Tail
  • Scalera Tongue
  • Scalera Wing

High Rank

  • Scalera Scale+
  • Scalera Hide+
  • Scalera Fang+
  • Scalera Claw+
  • Scalera Tail
  • Scalera Tongue
  • Scalera Wing
  • Lindwyrm Stone


  • Scalera Smoothscale
  • Scalera Hide+
  • Scalera Venomfang
  • Scalera Hardclaw
  • Scalera Tail
  • Scalera Tongue
  • Scalera Wing
  • Scalera Topaz
  • Scalera Head


Blademaster Set

  • Fire: -5
  • Water: 5
  • Thunder: -10
  • Ice: -10
  • Terra: 10
  • Air: 0
  • Dragon: 0

Skills: Defense down(S), Antiseptic, Tremor Resistance, Evade Extender, AutoTracker, Status attack +2

Gunner Set

  • Fire: -10
  • Water: 10
  • Thunder: -15
  • Ice: -15
  • Terra: 15
  • Air: 5
  • Dragon: 5

Skills: Defense down(S), Antiseptic, Tremor Resistance, Evade Extender, AutoTracker, Status Attack +2


  • Because they rely on hearing when underground, Sonic bombs are very effective at stunning them.
  • When enraged, venom drools from their mouths.
  • When Fatigued, they will drool.
  • Their Face and underbelly can be scarred, Their front claws broken. and their tail severed.
  • Because of the Defense down debuff, the Scalera armor set is not always looked forward to.


  • Render will come soon in the form of a Spore Creature.

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