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Tanslated with Kayanba and Joker 550.

Deep in the night, a scream is suddenly heard. All of the inhabitants, passengers and crew members alike, startled. The ship "Moga Transport", that was on the way to the Village Moga, seemed to be revived again. It transports particularly hunters over the ocean, who want to try their hunting luck in Moga Village. The hunters were sharing rumors. "What happened?", asked the first. "Maybe a monster? But there were no tremors.". Everyone ran into the cabin, which was inhabited by a couple.

The labor pains had started and Marie had to give birth to her child on the ship. 'The moment can be better.', Torun thought, as he got torn from sleep. After he got out of the bed, he stood by his wife. The door opened and the men and women entered the room. First they looked scared and relieved simultaneously - they were at least able to exclude a monster attack - then they helped with the birth.

The birth lasted many hours - no one of the present could say, how many exactly - though as the luck got reflected from the mother's face and the screaming of the baby got heard they knew that everything went well. Everyone was happy and cheered. and Marie, who held the baby in the arm, her baby,in that moment, she was probably the happiest woman in the world. Then she gave the child to her husband and he raised his new born son full of pride. The name has already been picked. He rejoiced full of happiness: "Welcome to the world, Keisuke!". Torun couldn't hold back the tears, as fully unexpected the wall broke up and a strange looking monster appeared. "That's... That's a... Lagiacrus", a sailor shouted. Torun and Marie have never seen a Lagiacrus, but they read some information about the Leviathan; a monster that hunters must know about in Moga. "But the color! It looks different!", another sailor said. The scales of the Lagiacrus were almost black; but both of them read about a rich blue.

The Leviathan heaved itself out of the waves into the destroyed wall and his superior body part got into the ship. The dark scales glistened in the moonlight and were constantly under electricity. The monster roared and the people had to shut their ears. Some hunters though had equipment with ear plugs, because everyone was expecting a monster attack. While the others pressed their hands against their ears, the ear plugged grabbed their weapons and lunged toward the enemy.

Also Torun and Marie knew that they had to help. Torun gave the baby to a sailor, who brought it immediately away into safety, and ran with Marie to their equipment, as the monster launched a thunder ball towards them. They thought already, it was too late, but a hunter with an armor that clearly was made from Tigrex materials, jumped in between and blocked the attack with his shield. He had a red lance, though no one knew which materials this weapon was made of. He yelled:"Go get your equipment! His weakness should be fire but I'm not sure if this works against this monster as well. And like you saw it attacks with thunder.". Both awoke from a numbness and hurried to their stuff, where they picked the best items and equipments against this monster. Torun chose his Wyvern blade "Fall" and a Rajang armor, while Marie decided to take a Kirin armor and her Rathalos Flamesword.

The fight has already started when they joined it. The dark Lagiacrus let his claw whizzing down and lacerated with that of the first hunter. Countless arrows and Fire S were flying through the air, though those couldn't critically damage the leviathan. As the monster wanted to create another thunder ball, a hunter jumped high in front of it and hit it with his Dead Revolver on the head, what cancelled the attack abruptly. Then Marie came and stroked the chest of the Lagiacrus with her Great Sword, that cried out immediately. His shed dress though, had intercepted most of the force of the impact. Now Torun also approached, who aimed with his Wyvern blade on the head of the monster, though the Leviathan hit him with his claw. As Torun stood up again he saw how the knight with the Tigrex armor blocked the thunder ball and stabed the monster into the neck. The Lagiacrus roared in pain. On its body appeared by far bigger sparks, alerting that it was enraged. The Leviathan prepared to roar as a sword got rammed into his left eye.

Torun had taken his second chance and deformed the face of the monster. Meanwhile Marie ran towards the Monster and drew her Flamesword. But the Lagiacrus pulled her with it under water. Some air bubbles came to the surface, that got smaller and smaller till they disappeared. A moment ago his big love was still there and in the next moment... He made a decision and cried to the mysterious Hunter: "Take care of my son, if I don't come back!", and jumped into the sea. The knight could only bring out a "But...", then Torun was already submerged.

The passengers and sailors waited several hours, though no one came back. Not Torun, nor Marie and neither the dark Lagiacrus. The ship got closer to the haven and luckily, the hole that was left by the battle didn't leak any water into the ship. It was very silent. No one was able to say something, till they arrived in the haven of Moga. There they told the story about the pair, that died against the dark Lagiacrus.

The knight knew what to do and accepted the last wish of Torun. He raised Keisuke. He would remember this fight a long time after that.

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