(Secondary weapon) Rope Dart
Standard rope dart

Standard rope dart (no upgrades)

Attack 300 upgraded 500 Buying Cost Upgrade Cost
Attribute ---- upgraded to 500 2000z 5000z
Affinity 10% upgrade 40% Buying Materials Upgrade Materials
Sharpness ------------------

Ivy (10)

Dragonite Ore (5)



Carbalite Ore (10)    

Slots OOO
Bonus None
Rarity 7
Description This weapon is used in conjuction with others, most effectively with an SnS, LS or DS. It is near impossible to use it with a Hammer or a GS effectively as you would need extreme arm strength to hold a hammer or GS with just the one hand. You may carry up to 10 during one hunt, but 99 can be stored in the weapon box. A Rope Dart may also be used as a trap, but this will use up three of your Rope Darts, and monsters cannot be captured in it. It may be also upgraded into a more powerful weapon, as well as the 3 upgrades you are allowed.
Family Tree:
Upgraded From >> Rope Dart >> Upgraded Into
None Rope Dart+
Fanon User's Sword and Shield Weapon Tree

Upgrades include:

• Trap duration increase

• Fiber rope (rather than odinary rope)

• Poison coating

• Paralasis coating

• Sleep coating

• Trank coating

• Improved power

• Improved affinity

• Better aro-dynamics (adds speed and acuracy)

• Longer rope (for range)

• Improved sharpness

• Improved grip

• No grip

You are only allowed three upgrades in game, and if you have a coated rope dart, one used, the coting will dissapear, but can be re-coated (re-coat time 2 seconds). Each upgrade costs 5000z. Speed is affected by your weapon choice. It can be attached to and fired with a bow, (usage of bow doesn't change). Grip is based on pulling the monster towards you, and out of the air, pulling on the monster will cause damage every 1 second. You may have more than one type of rope dart in your weapons box e.g.

RD A: Improved grip, sharpness and range

RD B Improved aro-dynamics, power/attack, and sharpness.

You may have up to five different RD combos. Hilighting a specific RD combo and pressing X will craft one more at the cost of 1000z

Creating one may be done through combining you will need :Vine, any ore (above dragonite).


Atk: 300 (improved 500)

Speed: 1.5 seconds to use (improved 0.5 Based on LS)

5 seconds to use ( improved 3 based on GS and hammer usage)

1 second to use ( improved 0.6 based on SnS usage and bow usage)

2 seconds to use (improved 1 based on Lance and GL usage)

1.7 seconds to use ( improved 1 based on SA usage)

Range: 10M (improved 15M)

Affinity: 10% (improved 40%)

Break chance: 18% (improved 9%)

Acuracy: Self aim (improved auto aim)

Sharpness: Blue (improved white)

Grip: 50% The blade will come out of the monster (improved 20%)

Grip (with no grip attachment): 80%

Trap duration: 5 seconds ( improved 10 seconds)

All jewls and armour skill affect the rope dart, so if you have Atk up, you will have increased power even with the improved attack on your rope dart. Power seeds, demon drugs, mega demon drugs, and power pills affect the rope dart also.

Bill The Blackfoot (talk) 17:23, January 26, 2013 (UTC)

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