English Name: Riishias
Flower Evolution: Venus Fly
Titles: Gobling Meat Eater Plant
True Name: Carnivocus Dreadae Ungus
Other Info
Species: Carnivorous Plant Wyvern
Habitats: Jungle/Old Jungle/Flooded Forest
Description: A tropical carnivourus plant wyvern that eats its prey whole.
Elements: None
Ailments: None
Weaknesses: 18px/18px
Creator: Setheo


Riishias is even for its Strange Wyvern classification a rather mystery. It can been countered in the Giant Forest, Swamp, Forest and Hill as also Desert there is a sub species said to be found in the Volcano areas. This creature doesn’t use much Photosynthesis even though it could produce chlorophyll. It’s Yellowish Grenn on the Head, Dark green on the leaves and the roots are black. It lures Insects and other creatures with its high evolved Scent Organ, with this Organ it can produce a scent to lure Felyne, Neoptreons, Mosswines, Kelbi and even from time to time some small Carapaceons (it produces a scent that imitates the smell of an dead creature). The Spots on his head turn from green to black when in rage mode. It has two Arms each one of them has a different function. The Arm with the “claw” can paralysis it’s prey while the arm with the flower can poison. It is seen that this creature can eat a Kut-Ku as also Bulldromes.

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