Nicknames: Rheo
Titles: None
Other Info
Description: Deadly Raptorial Bird Wyverns that can release sparks of energy that ignite in hot temperatures. The Rheoprey in the pack that matures first are known as Rheodrome.
Species: Bird Wyvern
Habitats: Volcano, Volcano (3rd), Sunken Hollow, Volcanic Hollow, Wilting Lands, Deep Ravine, Scorched Prairies
Other monsters in Relation: Rheodrome, Juraprey, Deinoprey
Elements: 20px
Ailments: 18px
Weaknesses: 20px
Signature move: Fire Sparks
Creator: Ukanlos Subspecies

English Name: Rheoprey (Ree-o-prey)

Romaji: Kasaiposu

Rheoprey are Raptorial Bird Wyverns, and the juvenile form of the Rheodrome. They are first introduced in Monster Hunter Z


Rheoprey have a slightly bulkier build than the other Raptorial, - Prey wyverns. They have blue and red markings on their deep black scales. They have only one finger on each hand. These fingers each hold a single, enormous claw that they use as matchsticks to produce sparks of fire that ignites in hot temperatures. On their elbows are leaf - like feathers that spread open when they are threatened. Their facial features are somewhat similar to that of the real life, but extinct flying reptile, Dsungaripterus - with a beak like snout that curves slightly upwards and a crest that points backwards between their eyes, which are yellow and possess black irises and no pupils. They also constantly huff black smoke.


Rheoprey are born in groups of 12 to 20. The first Rheoprey to mature will grow a more distinctive crest, two claws on each finger, and be known as a Rheodrome, and will take over the pack as their alpha male, or female. Rheoprey are very submissive to their Rheodrome leader - the ones that have nearly matured will sacrifice themselves to the Rheodrome, in order for the Rheodrome to maintain its dominance over the pack. However, if two Rheoprey mature at the same time, they will fight for dominance. The Rheodrome, be it male, or female, is the only member of the pack that is allowed to mate with the other, inferior members. When Rheoprey are threatened, they will scrape their claws against each other to produce yellow sparks of fire that will only ignite under very hot temperatures, causing an explosion.


Rheoprey are perfectly adapted to living in hot areas like volcanoes - their black hide absorbing more heat, allowing them to harness fire. They also take advantage of the hot temperatures when using their signature attack.

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