File:Chloro wyvern - bull fruit.jpg
English Name: Requillias
Flower Evolution: Bull Fruit
Titles: Fighting Plant Wyvern
True Name: Requillias Regussum
Other Info
Species: Chloro Wyvern
Habitats: -
Description: Yet another Chloro Wyvern that learned how to fight.
Elements: None
Ailments: "Seeding blight"
Weaknesses: 18px/18px
Creator: Setheo


Color seeds: Health (...), Stamina (...) 

Abilities: The Requillias is known as the "brute wyvern" of the chloro wyverns, with abilities similar to the Barroth. The "fruit" it grows is actually a special organ that converts solar energy to kinetic energy, which allows it to move about at speeds rivaling a charging Barroth. The energy is expelled via the two stalks behind the main trunk, which are mainly used as its arms. When enough energy is absorbed, it can rocket itself across the ground at high speeds. It's arms are usually planted in the ground, so as to absorb more nutrients. The arms have 360 degrees of rotation, allowing it to traverse challenging terrain. It has even been reported to carry itself through crevices using these arms.


Requillas diet consists of Neopetrons that mistake it for a tree to rest on. It usually plants itself in mud shaken off by a Barroth. Many cases have occurred where a requillas's fruit has been stolen by scavenging shakalaka.


Breakable parts: Both rear trunks, and fruit.

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