Red Brachydios
Nicknames: Red Brachy, Red Dios
Titles: Unyielding Brute, Red Slime Wyvern
Other Info
Description: A subspecies of Brachydios that has mastered its control of Slime
Species: Brute Wyvern
Habitats: Volcano, Volcanic Crest
Other monsters in Relation: Brachydios, Spectral Brachydios
Elements: Fire
Ailments: Slime, Fireblight
Weaknesses: Ice on head
Signature move: Slime Spin, Double Punch
Creator: Imrik37
Red Brachydios is a crimson variant of Brachydios with an increased control over the Slime ailment. The Slime covers most of its body and glows purple when enraged.


"A crimson-colored mutation of Brachydios that has mastered the aspects of Slime. It covers its back all the way down to its tail, and is flung at unsuspecting hunters and prey, before exploding at will."

Red Brachydios has a dark red colored plating with lighter skin and hide. Green Slime runs down its back, but is only visible when enraged, when it glows a deep purple. This special Slime is primed to explode at different times depending on its color and whever the creature is enraged. or not. The darker the color, the longer it takes to explode. When this Slime explodes, it causes Fireblight if it hits a hunter. This Slime also protects it from diseases and ailments.


  • Red Brachydios has a supreme immunity to all ailments, being immune to Paralysis, Poison, Sleep and the regular Brachydios' Slime.
  • Its Armor Set has a new skill called "Voilet Immunity", that makes you immune to all ailments, and cannot be Slimed or Soiled.
  • It can flick the slime off of its body in a similar fashion to Barroth. It this Slime comes into contact with a hunter while the Red Brachydios is enraged, it will always explode, regardless of Armor Skills.

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