Nicknames: Razi
Titles: Great Green Leviathan
Other Info
Description: A large Leviathan that mainly lives in the Flooded Forest
Species: Leviathan
Habitats: Flooded Forest, Deserted Isle
Other monsters in Relation: Lagiacrus, Ivory Lagiacrus
Elements: 18px
Ailments: 18px/18px
Weaknesses: 18px
Signature move: High pressure water beam
Creator: Azo369 for Setheo's Monster Hunter Project Gigas

'Razivus is a Leviathan which dwells in the flooded forest as it prefers the murky waters and doesnt have much competition from large Leviathans such as Lagiacrus, It is slightly smaller than Lagiacrus and is green in coloration, Its head is similar in shape to that of a Lao Shan Lung and it has a long neck, it also has two curved horns growing out the back of the head similar to that of a Lagiacrus, Its body is hevaily armoured with an array of spikes for protection against other Leviathans and certain Flying Wyverns such as Rathalos and Rathian, it has three long curved claws for tearing on the forelegs, Its tail is long and heavy for use as a weapon to hit prey or other monsters it battles, the tail has thick and heavy armour on it and 6 large spikes on the top and bottom, 3 on top, 3 on bottom and another 3 growing out from the tip of the tail, if hit it will cause paralysis, the ailments it causes is only paralysis and the element it uses is water. It preys on Epioth'.


Monster Hunter Project Gigas
Razivus-Icon A large Green Leviathan mainly found in the Flooded Forest but some have been seen at the Deserted Isle, The Razivus preys only on Epioth and Lagiacrus seems to be its main threat, Some villagers say they have seen the two great leviathans battle over prey. Tail spikes cause paralysis if touched.

Breakable parts

Horns can be broken, one will be broken slightly and half the horn will be missing on the other, the tail can be severed and the spikes on its back and on the body can be broken, all of them will be damaged differently no two will be the same once damaged, also the claws can be damaged, this will cause Razivus to fall on its side leaving it vulnerable to attacks.

Thanks to Yiya for the amazing drawing of Razivus :) Azo369 (talk) 19:47, August 4, 2013 (UTC)

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