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Ravenous Wilolu
Ravenous wilolu
Nicknames: Savage wilolu, Wilolu.exe
Titles: The wolf of fatal nightmares
Other Info
Description: Look Below
Species: Fanged Beast
Habitats: All areas where wilolu can be found
Other monsters in Relation: Wilolu
Elements: Dragon
Ailments: Dragonblight, Fear
Weaknesses: Dragon
Signature move: Dragon arua
Creator: Gojira57

A variant, not a subspecies, of the Wilolu that only appears in X-rank and U-rank Quests. It is like a normal Wilolu in rage mode in appearance, but when truly enraged, it is surrounded by a Cloak of Dragon element, around it's whole body, and it's eyes turn entirely blood red, giving it a terrifying appearance. A Wilolu will turn into a Ravenous Wilolu when it has reached an unusually old age, and has eaten at least one of it's kind in an act of cannibalism, thus becoming rogue.


  • Unlike standard Wilolu, it can connect it's tail whip with a spin claw attack
  • The fear status inflicted by ravenous wilolu lasts longer than the stanard wilolu's version.
  • A ravenous Wilolu gets it's own cut scene in Monster Hunter EX.
  • It has a HC version, where the right eye is missing, and it has a darker skin tone, with it's veins visible.
  • It has lower stamina than the stanard wilolu, meaning it gets fatigued more easily.
  • It has a unique item called Wilolu Dark Blood which is required to upgrade wilolu weapons to their full potential and make the Ravenous X armor set.
  • Ravenous Wilolu's "Dark Blood" is said to prolong one's life even further than normal wilolu blood, but it is also said to cause the consumer to lose their sanity even faster than normal.
  • Current render by Chaoarren

Story Appearances

  • A Ravenous Wilolu is planned to appear in the Monster Hunter Hurricurse series at some point.

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