Rathalos Hellblade is a Great Sword in Monster Hunter: The Minegarde Epic. It is a stand-alone sword and cannot be upgraded any further. It is made from Rathalos and Dire Miralis materials.


Due to the materials it requires, Rathalos Hellblade can only be acquired at HR25 or up.

  • 3x Rathalos Mantle.
  • 5x Rathalos Plate.
  • 3x Miralis Hellwing+.
  • 10x Rathalos Tail.
  • 20x Flame Sac.
  • 1x Tartarian Heart.
  • 10x Commendation+.

This weapon can be hard to get for those who have trouble defeating HR20+ Dire Miralis.

Power and sharpness

The Rathalos Hellblade has 1190 raw power and 550 Fire element power. It has white sharpness.

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