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Radially are young male and female members of the Radially family, a species of Bird Wyvern. At this stage in their life, Radially have scales that are blends of red, orange and dark grey so they can blend into the granite ground of the Volcano region. They have very strong scales so they can resist the burning effect of lava, they have narrow snouts and have a sail on their backs to help them regulate their body temperature.

Despite being stronger than Myrially and Tsunally, they are actually quite easy to deal with as they are rather reckless and prefer to charge at their enemies head on which can lead them into crashing into boulders, pillars and other rock formations causing them to stun themselves.

Unlike other dromeasaur-based Bird Wyverns, Myrially, Tsunally and Radially packs are lead by a male and female.




Common - Radially Claw, Radially Scale, Radially Hide, Bird Wyvern Fang

Uncommon - Radially Sail

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