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Species: Snake Wyvern
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Quetzalcoatliei is an Snake Wyvern fought in the Ancient Temple.

Appearance and behavior

Quetzalcoatliei resembles a long, brightly-colored, upright serpent with two feathered wings. When enraged, body will be covered in golden flame, and the eyes will turn bright red.

The smallest Quetzalcoatliei measure 2554.6 centimeters, while the largest measure 2930.3 centimeters.


There are two parts of the battle. The first half of the battle is fought on the top level of the temple. After 45% of Quetzalcoatliei's health is depleted, the floor will collapse, and the battle is then fought in a pool of water below the first floor with the only dry land being on the edges of the pool. This battle lasts until Quetzalcoatliei is dead or flees.

Elements and ailments

Quetzalcoatliei is a Fire element monster, and can inflict Fireblight, as well as Poison in its bite.


  • Bite: Quetzalcoatliei will bite the hunter. This causes moderate damage, plus poison.
  • Constrict: Quetzalcoatliei will wrap its body around the hunter and bite the hunter multiple times until KO. Fatal unless the player uses a Dung Bomb.
  • Charge: Quetzalcoatliei will charge at the hunter. Causes moderate damage.
  • Fire charge: Quetzalcoatliei will charge at the hunter in rage mode. Causes high to fatal damage,
  • Pound: Quetzalcoatliei will slither onto the ceiling of the temple, then drop on the hunter with massive force. Causes very high to fatal damage, instant KO in rage mode.
  • Aquatic supercharge: Quetzalcoatliel, in rage mode during the second half of the battle, will release high amounts of flame, causing the water on the pool's surface to set on fire. If the player is swimming on or near the surface, this causes instant KO, but if the player is deep underwater or out of it, it will cause little to no damage.

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