This is the final Felyne elder village quest in Monster Hunter: The Minegarde Epic. It is the first quest in the game in which the hunter must slay multiple elder dragons.


Goal: Slay the Kushala Daora, Lunastra and Chameleos in order.

Time limit: 90 minutes.

Area: Elder Dragon Arena.

Reward: 40,000 Z.

Fee: 10,000 Z.

Quest level: 10 star.

Success: Slay Kushala Daora, Lunastra and Chameleos within the time limit.

Failure: Reward zero, time over.

Cilent: Assertive Trainer.

Description: I see that you have managed to complete many quests. Now I present you with the ultimate challenge. Hunt these elder dragons in the specially built arena.

Supplies: 1x Ancient Potion, 4x Whetstone, 4x Flash Bomb, 4x Ration, 4x First Aid Med, 5x Poison Thrwing Knf.


  • Unlike the other quests, the Kushala Daora, Lunastra and Chameleos in this quest will not flee.
  • There is no dragonator or ballista to assist in battle.
  • The monsters in this level have G-Level stats.
  • Completing this quest is required if one wishes to obtain the Dragon Slayer's Citation, which is required to create the Decimation Blade.

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