This is a gathering quest where the player must deliver 10 wyvern eggs, as the name indicates.

Quest Conditions

Time: 10 minutes.

Place: Forest and Hills (Day).

Reward: Over 9000 z.

Contract fee: 1000 z.

Cilent: Greedy Fat Man.

Info: I've heard that wyvern eggs are good when fried. Then again, all food is good when fried. Could you please find 10 wyvern eggs for me?


All areas (including base camp) contain Vespoids, Hermitaur, Shakalaka, Great Thunderbug, Melynx, Velociprey and Bullfango. There are also multiple Apex and Hyper Velocidromes, Bulldromes, a Rathalos and a Rathian roaming the area.

When the final egg is left a Fatalis(Final Conquest War) is spawned in to the nest area with a Shoji Akalis and will chase you for the remainder of the quest.


  • An obvious parody quest.

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