Queen Hornetaur
Nicknames: Joo Kanta, Queen Hornet
Titles: Misty Assassin, Dominant Hornet
Other Info
Description: The leader of a Hornetaur colony. They possess a very thick shell resistant to most attacks, but weak to Frost. Their nests are found in dense undergrowth.
Species: Neopteron
Habitats: Jungle, Desert, Great Forest, Deserted Island, Flooded Forest, Sandy Plains, Ancestral Steppe, Primal Forest, Sunken Hollow, Everwood, Edge of Forest and Hills, Scrublands, Scorched Prairies
Other monsters in Relation: Hornetaur, Vespoid, Vespoid Queen
Elements: None
Ailments: MH3G-Status Effect Sleep, 18px
Weaknesses: 20px
Signature move: Leaping Slam, Sulphuric Gas
Creator: Ukanlos Subspecies

English name: Queen Hornetaur

Romaji: Joō Kantarosu

Japanese: 女王 カンタロス

Size: Medium

The Queen Hornetaur is the female leader of a Hornetaur colony. They are many times larger, and much more powerful. They first appear in 4 star Village Quests in Monster Hunter Z.


An average - sized Queen Hornetaur is about 3 metres long, making it much bigger than the regular Hornetaur. It possesses six long legs in total; three protrude from the left and right sides of its body. It also has a giant horn on top of its head, between two pairs of antennae found on the sides of its head. Its shell is very robust and deep green in colour. The outer shell of its abdomen is dark orange, and the softer, inside part is pale grey. Its wingspan is about twice the length of a human, and its wings are golden brown. When enraged, its antennae turn erect, and the soft inside part of their abdomen glow yellow.


Queen Hornetaurs are normally found sleeping inside of the nest. However, when the nest is attacked, they will defend it ferociously. It isn't able to use its wings to fly for an extended period of time due to its thick shell, and instead uses its wings for leaping considerable distances. Though not as aggressive as the Vespoid Queen, which it is related to, Queen Hornetaurs are still very dangerous to anything that threatens its nest.

When the Queen Hornetaur of the nest is ready to mate, its abdomen becomes very swollen and becomes twice as thick as its body. It will then mate with every male Hornetaur in the nest to ensure that it will produce a significant amount of offspring. It is ready to produce eggs (which are laid in protected sacs) after 2 weeks, using a thick tube that extends from the inside of its abdomen.


As mentioned, Queen Hornetaurs are able to leap vast distances and perform powerful aerial attacks, mainly using its horn. It is also able to emit foul - smelling Sulphuric gas from its sides. Its abdomen also has another opening that is used to fire out golden, sparkling dust that causes hunters to fall asleep.


Queen Hornetaur have a variety of jumping attacks. They also have a head - on charge attack on the ground, where they skewer anything in the way with their horn, and a slam attack which causes the quake effect, and can be done multiple times.

Attack Rarity Damage Description Ailment Inflicted
Charge Very Common Small - Moderate Queen Hornetaur will pause for a brief moment while lowering its head, then quickly rush towards a hunter with their horn pointed towards them. None
Forwards Leap Very Common Moderate Queen Hornetaur will jump a considerable distance forwards and turn to face its new target in mid air, damaging hunters it lands on. None
Backwards Leap Very Common Moderate

Queen Hornetaur will jump a considerable distance backwards to avoid attacks, damaging hunters it lands on.

In Rage mode, this attack can be followed up with the Leaping Slam.

Sideward Jump Very Common Small Queen Hornetaur will face its new target while jumping to the side. Its legs will knock hunters over. None
Horn Thrust Common Moderate Queen Hornetaur will pull its head back and quickly hop a small distance forwards to try to hit a hunter with its horn. None
Horn Thrash Uncommon Moderate - High An attack done in G Rank and above. Queen Hornetaur will vigorously shake its head around for a few seconds, hitting any hunter who comes too close. None
Spin Common Moderate Queen Hornetaur will rear back for a few moments then slide forwards while spinning around clockwise twice. None
Ground Smash

Near - Very Common

Far - N/A


Queen Hornetaur will stand on its back pair of legs while raising its other two pairs in the air. After a brief moment, it lands back down on the ground, causing the quake effect to nearby hunters.

In G rank and above, Queen Hornetaur can follow this attack up with the Horn Thrust.

Triple Ground Smash

Near - Common

Far - N/A

High An attack done in Z Rank. Queen Hornetaur will perform three ground smash attacks in a row. None
Leaping Slam Rage Only High

One of Queen Hornetaur's most powerful attacks. After the Backwards Leap manoeuvre, Queen Hornetaur will rear back for a very brief moment while spreading its wings and legs. It then leaps a very huge distance towards its target, landing on its back.

Its horn will be stuck to the ground for a few seconds, allowing time to attack.

Jumping Smash Uncommon Moderate

An attack done in G rank and above. Queen Hornetaur will jump straight upwards a considerable height while hovering above the ground, slowly following its target, before it earth - crushingly lands on the ground a few moments later.

In Z Rank, Queen Hornetaur will expel soiling gas after it lands.

18pxSoiled in Z Rank
Multiple Jumping Smashes Rage Only High An attack done in Z Rank. Queen Hornetaur will jump a short distance upwards and land on the ground after a brief moment. It then repeats this attack 2 - 4 more times. None
Super Jumping Smash Calm - Rare

Enraged - Common


An attack done in Z Rank. Queen Hornetaur will emit a small screech while spreading its wings. It will then vigorously flap them, causing wind pressure around itself, before taking off and flying straight upwards. After about 4 seconds, it will land on its target.

This attack is very dangerous due to the target hunter being unpredictable.

Twister Rare High

Queen Hornetaur wil lface its target, pause for a brief moment, then leap towards them while twisting around in mid - air.

In G Rank and above, Queen Hornetaur will expel soiling gas while in mid air.

18pxSoiled in G Rank and above
Sulphuric Gas Very Common Moderate Queen Hornetaur will plant its legs firmly on the ground, one by one, over the course of 1 second. It then violently releases a cloud of Sulphuric gas. 18px Soiled
Sulphuric Leap Uncommon High An attack done in G Rank and above. Queen Hornetaur will shake its body ferociously while slowly emitting Sulphuric gas. After a few more moments, it leaps a considerable distance towards its target hunter while fully expelling the gas. 18px Soiled
Golden Mist Uncommon None Queen Hornetaur will stand on its back pair of legs in a way so that its abdomen is curled and the tip is pointed towards a target hunter. After a pause, Queen Hornetaur releases the deadly golden mist to put hunters to sleep. MH3G-Status Effect Sleep Sleep
Golden Clouds Common Small - Moderate

While hovering, Queen Hornetaur will shake its abdomen for a few seconds, then release several golden clouds (depending on rank) that travel around the area for 20 - 30 seconds (depending on rank).

MH3G-Status Effect SleepSleep
Pin When fatigued Varies

Queen Hornetaur, without any warning, will suddenly face its target hunter and jump on them, pinning down all of their limbs using its several pairs of legs. It then attempts to lay eggs inside of the hunter's body using its abdomen.

Queen Hornetaur cannot perform this attack if its abdomen is not swollen (if it is not ready to mate) or if its abdomen is destroyed.

Hover Common None Queen Hornetaur will hover close to the ground. It can move around while airbourne, but cannot remain in the air for more than 10 seconds. None


  • Its horn, back, wings, and abdomen can be broken.
  • When fatigued, it will fail to emit the golden mist.
  • It will eat Kuros or Mosswine when fatigued.
  • When its wings are broken, it performs its leap attacks slower.
Item Effect
Item Name Able Effectiveness Duration (1st time) Duration (2nd time) Duration (3rd time onwards) Notes
Pitfall Trap ★★★ 12 seconds 8 seconds 6 seconds                                                        
Shock Trap ★★☆ 9 seconds

6 seconds

4 seconds

Flash Bomb X ☆☆☆
Sonic Bomb X ☆☆☆
Dung Bomb ★★★
Meat X ☆☆☆


  • Hunters can actually enter the termite mound - like nest of the Queen Hornetaur, which is attached to a certain part of a certain area. The Queen Hornetaur is resting at a specific chamber, and the hunters have to explore the nest in a variety of ways, including climbing (if a part of the nest is attached to a wall of cliff), sliding and even swimming (if part of the nest is underwater).
    • If hunters are hit with an attack that throws them back, they will be blown out of the nest, thus breaking a part of the nest.