Queen Cobri
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Other monsters in Relation: x
Elements: x
Ailments: x
Weaknesses: x
Signature move: x
Creator: x

Class: Serpent Wyverns

Title: Queen of the Cobras

Element: none

Ailment(s): Poison

Weakest to: Ice

Relations: King Cobri, Cobri

Breakable parts:

  • Face (Break and Scarred)
  • Hood (Break)
  • Underbelly (scarred)
  • Tail (sever)


The female counterpart of the King Cobri, the Queen Cobri is also the most beautiful of the Cobri species. But dont bow down to her royal snakness, or you are bound to become snake wyvern food. When females of the Cobri species reach a certain age,  they leave their packs to venture on their own, and become a Queen Cobri. Queen cobri give off Pheromones that a King obri can pick up the scent of, and are, as a result, often trailed by a potential mate. Queen Cobris Lay eggs, which hatch into Cobris, the subordinates.


Low rank

  • Q.Cobri fang
  • Q.Cobri hide
  • Q.cobri tail
  • Q.cobri scale
  • Q.Cobri skull
  • Q.Cobri Hood

High rank

  • Q.cobri Fang+
  • Q.cobri Hide+
  • Q.cobri Tail
  • Q.Cobri Scale+
  • Q.Cobri Skull
  • Q.Cobri Hood+
  • Serpent wyvern gem

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