Nicknames: Quats
Titles: Pack hunters
Other Info
Description: Small fire breathing pack hunters the are led by an pack leader only found on the scattered islands.
Species: Bird wyverns
Habitats: scattered islands
Other monsters in Relation: all Reportorial bird wyverns, all Dog bird wyverns
Elements: Fire
Ailments: Fireblight, poison status
Weaknesses: Dragon, Ice
Signature move: Fire spit
Creator: Nrex117


Quatlogar (qwat-low-gar) are related to the bird wyvern that was the bridge species linking raptorial bird wyverns and dog bird wyverns. They unlike other pack hunters attack using the fire element and are not lead by a pack leader but instead led by the more adults called the Archos Quatlogar. They also have poisonus tail barbs that they use for self defence and to weaken prey.

Quatlogars- the weaker juvinile form of archos Quatlogars.

Archos Quatlogars- the older sexually mature Quatlogars and have higher health and attack then the juvinile's.

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