Nicknames: False Rathian, Fake Rathian
Titles: The Deceiving Blossom, The False Queen of Earth, Rathian Mimic
Other Info
Description: Flying wyverns that resemble the queen of the land, Rathian. This disguise is its primary defense, and is also its secret to success...
Species: Flying Wyvern
Habitats: Forest & Hills, Old Volcano, Jungle, Volcano, Great Forest, Misty Peaks, Deserted Island, Sandy Plains, Volcano (3rd), Ancestral Steppe, Sunken Hollow, Edge of Forest and Hills, Scrublands, Wilting Lands, Scorched Prairies
Other monsters in Relation: Pink Pseudorathian
Elements: 20px
Ailments: MH3G-Status Effect Sleep, 18px, 18px, 18px
Weaknesses: 20px, 20px
Signature move: Frontflip, Homing Fireballs
Creator: Ukanlos Subspecies


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English Name: Pseudorathian

Romaji: Nise Rioreia

Japanese: 偽 リオレイア

Size: Medium

The "False Queen of the land" - Pseudorathian is a Flying Wyvern, first introduced in the fan - made game, Monster Hunter Z.


Pseudorathian is slightly smaller and slimmer in build compared to the Rathian. It has a lighter shade of green on its scales, dark green spikes on its back, on its front claws on its wings, and on the tip of its tail. Its wings also have dark scales arranged in a flame-like pattern. Other than these, there is nothing else different from a Pseudorathian to a Rathian.


Pseudorathian are ALL female, with no male counterpart. In the mating season, Pseudorathian has a unique and rather devious way to reproduce - It first finds a nest belonging to a Rathalos and a Rathian. Since Rathalos and Rathian nest and look after their young together in the mating season, the Pseudorathian waits until it is the Rathalos' turn to go out and hunt and the Rathian's turn to look after the young. The Pseudorathian then lures the Rathian out of the nest by flushing her wing membranes with blood, colourizing the flame pattern on her wings. This colour catches the Rathian's attention and causes it to investigate the source. The Pseudorathian then attacks and injects the Rathian with a paralyzing toxin from her tail, immobilizing her. 

When the Rathalos returns, the Pseudorathian unleashes a mist from her wings, and spreads it around the Rathalos. When the Rathalos inhales this mist, his body becomes extremely flooded with testosterone, therefore making the Rathalos extremely aggressive and have the instant need to mate (This mist however has a different effect on humans - it puts them to sleep). The Pseudorathian then offers herself to the Rathalos as they mate inside the nest, with the Rathian still paralyzed outside of the nest. When the courtship is over, the Pseudorathian injects the Rathalos with the paralyzing toxin from her tail, and leaves the nest.

The Pseudorathian will be able to lay its eggs after a week. In her body is a special gene that turns all of the babies into Pseudorathians (therefore all female) when the eggs are still inside her.

The Pseudorathian hunts from the skies, spotting prey such as Aptonoth or Rhenoplos, then dive bombing them, stabbing them with her tail to paralyze them. Despite the Pseudorathian's slim body structure, it is very powerful, and is able to take down big prey like Titanodonts, or fight off foes, most especially other wyverns like Tigrex in the Sandy Plains, or Agnaktor in the volcano.


As said, Pseudorathian is capable of producing a mist fron under its wings that causes Rathalos to become extremely flooded with testosterone, or in humans' case, puts them to sleep. The spikes on Pseudorathian's tail are filled with a paralyzing neurotoxin and she also possesses a flame sac inside her body that helps her produce fireballs and flamethrowers from her mouth.

If Pseudorathian is not cautious with the mist she produces from under her wings, she can even cause other species of Flying Wyvern, such as Tigrex or Barioth (as long as they are male) to become pumped up with testosterone.


Pseudorathian utilizes both attacks from Rathalos and Rathian, yet some are completely new.

Attack  Rarity Damage Description Ailment Inflicted

Far - Common

Near - Not that Common

Moderate - High The standard, True Wyvern Charge. The charge may end with a bite, a slide, or a flail. None
Flail Uncommon None Done after the Charge. Pseudorathian will quickly flail backwards, readying herself for another attack  None

Near - Very Common

Far - Rare

Low - Moderate

(High in Rage)

The standard, True Wyvern bite. Pseudorathian will bite forwards diangonally. Her tail is swung up, dealing low damage and hitting any hunter in its path.  None
False Charge Uncommon High An attack done in G Rank and above. Pseudorathian will charge forward. When she gets near her target hunter, She will stop and take two steps backward, then perform a real charge. None
Tail Spin Common Moderate The standard True Wyvern tail spin attack. Pseudorathian will spin 180 degrees either clockwise, or counter - clockwise to try and hit the hunter with her tail. 18pxParalysis in Rage mode
Tail Swipe

Calm - Uncommon

Enraged - Common

Moderate - High Like the Brute Wyverns Uragaan and Duramboros, Pseudorathian will first raise her tail above her head, then turn clockwise 360 degrees while quickly sweeping her tail along the ground. 18pxParalysis
Claw Attack Uncommon High An attack done while in the air, Pseudorathian will quickly attack a hunter on the ground with her claws. None

Calm - common

Enraged - Very Common

High One of Pseudorathian's signature moves - she will first take a step backwards, then quickly take a few steps forwards before jumping up into the air and performing a frontflip. Pseudorathian will stay hovering after this attack. 18pxParalysis
Frontflip to Fireball Uncommon High - Very High After the initial frontflip attack, Pseudorathian will curl her tail towards herself while hovering above the ground, then launch an unsuspecting fireball at another hunter.  18px Paralysis if hit by the tail / 18pxFireblight if hit by the Fireball.
Fireball Common Moderate - High

Pseudorathian will stand put, raise her head, gather fire in her mouth, then brings her head forward to spit a fireball. 

18px Fireblight
Triple Fireball Common Moderate - High

Pseudorathian will stand put, raise her head, gather fire in her mouth for roughly 3 seconds, then brings her head forward to spit three fireballs at once. 

20px Severe Fireblight
Homing Fireballs

Rage Only


An attack done in the air, Pseudorathian will raise her head, then fire three fireballs, one after another. These fireballs home into a hunter.

20px Severe Fireblight
Flaming Bite Rage Only Moderate

An advanced version of the regular bite. In rage mode, the bite is enhanced with fire, causing it to deal more damage and inflict Fireblight

20px Severe Fireblight
Fake Death When Weak High Like Gypceros, Pseudorathian will fake her own death. when attacked, she will thrash around wildly then get back up on two feet. None
Sleep Mist

Calm - Uncommon

Enraged - Rare


Pseudorathian will first flap her wings three times, then raise them upwards while also raising her head. A sparkling sound (like that of a shiny) will be heard as a white coloured mist emits from her wings. 

MH3G-Status Effect SleepSleep
Sleep Wave Rare Moderate An attack performed in G Rank and above. Pseudorathian will stand in place while flapping her wings vigorously releasing waves of white smoke in front of her. MH3G-Status Effect SleepSleep
Sleep Mist Explosion Common Moderate An attack performed in Z Rank. Pseudorathian will stomp the ground with her legs twice, inflicting small damage. After the stomps, she will flap her wings once to throw herself into the air, releasing a giant white mist under her. MH3G-Status Effect SleepSleep
Flaming Charge Rage Only High - Very High

Pseudorathian will growl at a hunter, surrounding itself with a fiery aura as it does so. After another short growl, it charges at a hunter, leaving a trail of fire behind them.

This attack is only performed in G Rank and above.

20px Severe Fireblight
Flamethrower Rage Only High - Very High Pseudorathian will raise her head up, then produce a constant stream of flames from her mouth, that she sweeps from side to side while standing in place. 20px Severe Fireblight
Aerial Charge Rare High Pseudorathian will charge forwards while in the air like Rathalos. None
Roar 1st sight / Transition into Rage Mode None When Pseudorathian first sees a hunter, or transits into Rage Mode, she raises her wings up, then roars loudly. None


  • Pseudorathian's wings and head can be broken, and her tail can be cut.
  • Pseudorathian rests in the secret area of the Wilting Lands when weakened.
  • G Rank + Pseudorathians will instantly perform a frontflip attack after the Fake Death.
Item Effect
Item Name Able Effectiveness Duration (1st time) Duration (2nd time) Duration (3rd time onwards) Notes
Pitfall Trap ★★★ 10 seconds 9 seconds 8.5 seconds The duration is shorter when Pseudorathian is enraged. (-2 seconds)
Shock Trap ★★☆ 8 seconds

7  seconds

6 seconds

The duration is shorter when Pseudorathian is enraged. (-2 seconds)
Flash Bomb ★★★ 10 seconds 8 seconds 6 seconds Stuns the Pseudorathian.
Sonic Bomb X ☆☆☆
Dung Bomb ★☆☆ Causes it to leave the area
Meat ★★★ Works only when the hunter is not spotted.


  • Pseudorathian's jaws make a unique sound when they snap, that is similar to that of a Gunlance's Wyvern Fire attack ready to be used again.
    • This is due to the teeth interlocking at a certain angle, pushing air out from all directions.
  • Her roar has the longest range out of all the True Wyverns in Monster Hunter Z.
  • Pseudorathian can be hunted starting at HR39 (39 ☆ quests), that is, close to the end of High Rank quests and the start of G Rank quests.

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