Polar Arzuros
Nicknames: Ice arzuros
Titles: Snow bear
Other Info
Description: Look Below
Species: Fanged Beast
Habitats: Tundra
Other monsters in Relation: Arzuros
Elements: Ice
Ailments: Iceblight, Snowman
Weaknesses: Fire
Signature move: Ice chunk
Creator: FatumCorvus

Polar Arzuros (Ursus mellis maritimus) is a subspecies of Arzuros which lives in the Tundra. They are a few feet larger than an average Arzuros, and gold crowns can reach the height of a Deviljho when standing. The Polar Arzuros is able to swim and even fight underwater, although here it is slower. They eat mostly fish and Pokara, but some will take down Lagombi or even small Blangongas.

It has all the same breaks as the Arzuros. It is weak to Fire but can use Ice to fight hunters.

In Rage Mode, it will huff icy air and will attack more quickly.

Picture provided by: Joe333red

Polar Arzuros


Charge- The Polar Arzuros runs at the hunter and damages anything in its path. Deals moderate damage.

Bear Hug- The signature Arzuros bear hug. Deals damage over time if it isn't stopped.

Spinning Claw- The Polar Arzuros swipes its claws 180 degrees to hit hunters behind it. Deals moderate damage.

Heavy Claw- The Polar Arzuros delivers one powerful swipe with its right arm. Deals high damage.

Bite- The Polar Arzuros bites at the hunter twice on all fours. This is a bit more common than the normal Arzuros's bite attack. Deals low to moderate damage.

Claw Swipe- The Polar Arzuros swipes its claws at the hunter 3 to 6 times. Deals moderate damage.

Turning Slap- Like a Leviathan, the Polar Arzuros turns to face the hunter while it swipes with its arm. Deals low damage. (Underwater)

Rake- The Polar Arzuros swings its claws down at the hunter, raking them. This will deal moderate to high damage. (Underwater)

Kick- The Polar Arzuros paddles behind itself with its back legs, kicking at the hunter. Deals low damage. (Underwater)

Underwater Swipe- The same as the Claw Swipe, but underwater. Deals moderate damage. (Underwater)

Throw Ice Chunk- The Polar Arzuros scoops up a hunk of ice and throws it at the hunter. Dishes out high damage and inflicts Iceblight and Snowman.

Dig- The Polar Arzuros paddles snow at the hunters behind it. Inflicts Snowman as well as dealing low damage.


Carve Item Percentage

P. Arzuros Pelt

A white Arzuros pelt. It feels very dense.


P. Arzuros Carapace

The carapace from the back of a Polar Arzuros. Durable and larger than that of a normal Arzuros


P. Arzuros Brace

The shells on a Polar Arzuros arm. Used often in armor making.

Sharpened Fang 10%
Jumbo Bone 5%

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