Poison Ludroth
Poison ludroth
Nicknames: None
Titles: Poisonous Water Beast
Other Info
Description: Normal Ludroths that have been bitten by a Purple Royal Ludroth, causing them to inherit purple scales and toxic mucus. These species of Ludroth are rare, and are only found in harems around the larger, even more toxic alpha male
Species: Leviathan
Habitats: Great Forest, Deserted Island, Flooded Forest, Misty Peaks, Ancestral Steppe, Sunken Hollow, Unknown Great Forest, Edge of Forest and Hills, Coast and Shallow Seas
Other monsters in Relation: Ludroth, Purple Royal Ludroth
Elements: None
Ailments: 18px
Weaknesses: 20px
Signature move: Poison Lunge
Creator: Ukanlos Subspecies

English Name: Poison Ludroth

Romaji: Rudorosu Ashu

The Poison Ludroth, (Not to be confused with the Purple ROYAL Ludroth) is a purple - coloured subspecies of the Ludroth that has been bitten by the Purple Royal Ludroth, causing it to gain poison enhanced attacks. It appears in the fan - made Monster Hunter Z.


The Poison Ludroth has the same body structure as a normal ludroth, only possessing pink scales and purple coloured fur on its forelegs. It has a white sac on its throat that it uses to store toxic mucus, which it spits out as a purple ball to attack hunters.


The Poison Ludroth is less aggressive than the normal Ludroth, and are often found lazing about in shallow water. They can also be found around the Purple Royal Ludroth in great numbers. When around their master, they are more aggressive and will attack and pursue hunters more often than they would. They have an attack where they lunge at a hunter and release a toxic cloud that bursts around them when they land.


Poison Ludroth need moisture to maintain the colour of their scales, and so, are always found in, or near bodies of water. They are always close to the area where a Purple Royal Ludroth is.


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