Plastolares Rare Subspecies
Nicknames: x
Titles: x
Other Info
Description: x
Species: x
Habitats: x
Other monsters in Relation: x
Elements: x
Ailments: x
Weaknesses: earth, then water
Signature move: x
Creator: Democide


It can control the wind slightly. It can't use this power very good so it only attacks with wind in Rage Mode. It's blades cannot inflict any status effect but can cause dragon damage. It uses dragon element balls and a dragon beam. The plumage turned completely black but the end of the wings are red. It is the most aggressive but also biggest of the three breeds. Because of its dragon element attacks Kushala Daoras even avoid them but they aren't competitors because Daora eats ore and it eats small Neopterons so there's no need of fighting for food. Like the others it flees immediately when low on stamina and drops a shiny. In Rage Mode its feathers get a metallic dark red color reflecting from the black feathers. The weakness is earth, then water. There is a further subspecies, the Plastoverang.


It lives in the new area only, the Orcan Plains.


Possible attacks:

Changes to normal:

  1. It only attacks with dragon element no ailment
  2. The blades and the tail cause dragon damage
  3. It spits dragon element instead of venom
  4. Dragon beam
  5. Wind producing (only Rage Mode)

Breakable parts

are the same like the normal one.


Black Plastolares Blade (only when broken), Black Plastolares Beak (only when broken), Black Plastolares Wing (when broken), Black Plastolares Tail Blade (when broken), Black Plastolares Tail (only when broken twice), Black Plastolares Feather, Black Plastolares Scale, Dragon Sac, Black Plastolares Claw

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