Continent/s: Arnin-Hol

Country/Countries: Reenau

State/s: Yalorü (West forest), Vharn (East)


The Phyladra, or simply called "Crystal Forest", is a great forest in a cave south west of the Kanhri massif. The very special about this forest is that the plants are all covered by crystalline structures. There are several different colors and types of crystals and Phyladra gets separated in nine parts: The red Eltalite Phyladra, the white Mellanje Phyladra, the yellow Lagacite Phyladra, the blue Machalite Phyladra, the green Dragonite Phyladra, the purple Karbalite Phyladra, the orange Pyrite Phyladra, the brown Territe Phyladra and the black Finsterite Phyladra. Noticeably the leaves below the crystals have the same color as the crystals on it. It is supposed that the plants had small hairs on their leaves that held small particles of the ores which the water falling from the ceiling spread on them. After the leaves were covered they adapted to using the light spectrum the crystal let through. The plants learned to produce their own crystals by taking the minerals through the roots. The color changed as the crystals reflect most of the light of a certain spectrum leaving other light through making the reflected wavelengths useless for the plant reflecting the rest of this color as well. The crystalline ore amplifies the other wavelengths making them more effective for the plant to use. There are herbivores that have adapted to digest certain variants of the altered chlorophyl. This weird behavior is also recognizable with the carnivores hunting only in one or two parts of the Phyladra. With this behavior many subspecies of monsters evolved in different parts of the Crystal Forest.



Culture and Religion

Areas in Relation:

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