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  • Phologa os the first Basilisk species to be fought on my Monster Hunter.
  • Phologa lives on caves and dark forest. This monster can be fought at night, AT NIGHT ONLY.
  • Clairvoyance:is one of Phologa's special ability, this monster can detect its prey and the hunter on the map, also the moonlight, like Yian Kut-ku that was great in hearing.
  • Characteristics: Phologa has a silver scales, it also have bladed spikes that is very sharp, this spikes are used for fighting, and these spikes serves as its sword. These spike are located on its tail and right side of the head.
  • Phologa's tail can be broken but it can't be severed.
  • Phologa has 1 horn at the left side of its head, but it has a different structure, this horn is very hard, because it's made up of silver, so it takes a long time to break it.
  • When in Hungry Mode: it goes to the place where there is moonlight.
  • Why MOONLIGHT? Because Phologa has wings, but it doesn't fly, these wings appear when Phologa is in Rage Mode, it glows on color green. These wings are made up of different kind of Plant Cells, Plant Cells that cycle the Photosynthesis through moonlight.
  • Just like Gypceros, Phologa uses its wings to stun the enemy surrounds it by flasing those wings, this only happens when Phologa is in Rage Mode.