Nicknames: Pendro
Titles: Venom Roller Neopteron
Other Info
Description: A big Neopteron that is very poisonous. Pendrolar is very aggressive and attacks anything on sight. It's feared because it can inject a strong venom with its stings.
Species: Neopteron
Habitats: Moist areas like the Moor but also the Orcan Plains
Other monsters in Relation: Milontark
Elements: -
Ailments: 25px
Weaknesses: 25px, then 25px
Signature move: Poison beam
Creator: [[[User:Democide|Democide]]

Demo's Creature List


It looks similar to a centipede. Pendrolar has several black legs with two (the first pair) evolved to claws. Between the head and the claws is some space without legs. The carapace is brown with some red patterns. The antennas which evolved to horn-like excrescences have a light blue end. Pendrolar has turquoise spikes all over the body. The two stings on the end of its body are bigger than the spikes and have a bright red coloration.


Average: 2871,66 cm

Biggest size measured: 3280,91 cm


Pendrolar inhabits moist environments like the Moor and other swamplands but is also sighted in the Orcan Plains.


  • The weakness is earth, then fire.
  • In Rage Mode the body color turns from brown to a bright dark blue and it becomes stronger and faster.
  • When Pendrolar is exhausted it falls over when it uses its side roll attack.
  • The antennas are used for strong stab attacks.
  • The Neopteron often cooperates with Milontark.
  • It inflicts poison through its spikes and the claws on the two legs closest to its head.
  • With the two big stings at the end of its body that can inject a highly concentrated venom that consumes health faster than usual poison.
  • It feeds of smaller monsters.
  • Because of their poison they aren't very hidesome but aggressive. They normally are loner but occasionally live with another of opposite gender.
    • Males are very aggressive to other males what results in fights until one gives up or dies. Females normally avoid other females.
  • Breakable parts are the horns, the mandibles, some spikes on the side, the last two stings (twice, first one then the other) and its claws.
    • When both stings are broken it cannot inflict the strong poison anymore.
    • The broken claws can't inject poison.


  1. Side roll (inflicts poison)
  2. Bite
  3. Scratch (inflicts poison)
  4. Sting (inflicts strong venom)
  5. Body slam
  6. Horn attack

In Rage Mode:

  1. Spitting a beam of poison


Chitin armor (every boss Neopteron), Compound Eye (every boss Neopteron), Pendrolar Horn (only when broken), Pendrolar Spike (when broken), Pendrolar Sting (only when broken), Pendrolar Leg, Pendrolar Claw (when broken), Pendrolar Mouth Parts (when broken), Pendrolar Fluid

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