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Pelippikhan is a water-breathing Bird Wyvern, that lives on Polar areas and in the island's shores. This Bird Wyvern is fast, and always diving in the water and air for their attacks, it also blasts water balls and aqua beams(short length). This monster uses its large beaks to collect water that serves as its food, sometimes it will eat fishes. This monster always do a Heavy Beak slam that has a lot of impact to make the hunters blown away. If attacked before fully landing, it may opt to circle the area then blast some water balls, and swoop down on its foes. Often, the fish in its beak will have been stored for so long, they begin to rot, giving its water beam and ball attacks the soiling attribute. (add more info if you want)


The Pelippikhan has been know to compete with Qurupecco over fish when their habitats overlap. Guild researchers speculate that the Qurupecco would loose these battles, if it didnt always call for help from a rathian or a deviljho.

When Pelippikhan is in Enrage Mode, its water balls and beams will be converted into ice balls and beams in which it may inflict Snowman on hunters, this only happens when the Pelippikhan is in the Polar areas.


-Hammer: Bulging Beak

-HH: Ship's Whistle

-LS: Marine Oar

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