Pathogenic Bilados
Nicknames: P. Bilados, Pathy
Titles: Demonic Spinning Wyvern, Vile Tornado
Other Info
Description: A black Flying Wyvern with poisonous abilities
Species: Flying Wyvern
Habitats: Tower, Underground Temple
Other monsters in Relation: Bilados, Cobalt Bilados, Nockturnus
Elements: Dragon
Ailments: Poison, Venom, Nightmare
Weaknesses: Ice on head
Signature move: Venomous Roar
Creator: Imrik37
Pathogenic Bilados is a rare species of Bilados that uses poisonous and Venom attacks. It is one of the only 3 monsters to be able to inflict the Nightmare ailment.


"A dark variation of Bilados that can inflict a powerful poison on its prey. This poison is spread though pores in its wings, that when spun, release the venom throughout the area. It can also cause black cloud to spread near to it, which can cause unforetold disaster."

Pathogenic Bilados is a larger and far darker rare species of the regular Bilados that is feared for being able to use both Poison and Venom-based attacks. When it spins, toxins are released from the ends of its wings that spread very far very quickly. When enraged, it produces a black cloud around it that causes Nightmare without the Violet Immunity or Nightmare Resitance Up skills. Breaking both wings stops the spread of this cloud.


  • The head, back and both wings can be broken, and the tail severed and carved.
    • Breaking the wings won't stop the Poison and Venom attacks though, but will stop the production of the Nightmare cloud when enraged.
  • Its roar can cause Poison at close range, and Nightmare AND Venom at even closer range.
  • Breaking the back causes it to actually gain resistance to Jump Attacks.

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