Nicknames: Parsa
Titles: Fire Tail Amphibian
Other Info
Description: Amphibian with burning tails that roam the Equatorial Lava Fields. Known for its paralyzing bite and sleep inducing spit it ambushes uncareful monsters and hunters that get to close to lava lakes.
Species: Amphibian
Habitats: Hot environments like the Equatorial Lava Fields
Other monsters in Relation: Broad-Mouthed Parsalatir
Elements: 25px
Ailments: 25px, MH3G-Status Effect Sleep, 25px
Weaknesses: 25px, then 25px
Signature move: Flaming tail smash
Creator: Democide

Demo's Creature List


It is similar to a salamander. Parsalatir has unregular lime stripes and dots on its red body. It has two long, strong, black tails with several dark green spikes on them. The Amphibian's red head possesses two prolonged, pointy, osseous eye sockets that give protection to the well developed eyes. The belly is blue. The front limbs are weaker than the muscular hind legs it uses to jump. Parsalatir has webbed feet with medium-large claws.


Average: 1563,92 cm

Biggest size measured: 1974,11 cm


Parsalatir inhabits hot environments like the Equatorial Lava Fields and the Underground Volcano.


  • The weakness is earth, then ice.
  • In Rage Mode the head turns completely lime-colored and the tail burns up constantly.
  • When exhausted the head turns purple and it fails to flame its tail.
  • The tail has flames if Parsalatir uses its tail smash.
  • The Amphibian's bites inflict paralysis while it can induce sleep by globules it releases from its mouth.
  • The skin is very resistant to heat and it can even live and breathe in the lava.
  • Parsalatir feeds of smaller monsters like Neopterons.
    • It normally assaults the monsters from a lava lake and ambushes them with lava splashes and paralyzing bites.
    • If the Amphibian is together with another individual they will hunt bigger prey.
  • They are pretty social and usually live in pairs or groups of three to four.
    • Parsalatirs also fight in teams and combine their attacks to inflict even more damage.
    • They are pretty intelligent as they impel their prey into the direction of their partner(s).
  • Breakable parts are the head (eye sockets), claws and one tail can be cut.
    • When one tail is cut the flaming tail smash gets weaker.


  1. Flaming tail smash (flames rise around it)
  2. Tail whip
  3. Bite (paralysis)
  4. Soporific globules
  5. Claw slash
  6. Body slam
  7. Jump into the lava to produce splashes


Parsalatir Skull (when broken), Parsalatir Claw (when broken), Parsalatir Tail (only carved from the tail), Parsalatir Hide, Parsalatir Fang, Sleep Sac

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