Nicknames: Parla, Manteus
Titles: Deep Sea Killer
Other Info
Description: Huge Carapaceons that inhabit the benthic zones of the deep sea. Parlamanteus is known as aggressive monsters that keep threats out of reach. Its body is able to glow and attracts prey with this.
Species: Carapaceon
Habitats: Only encountered in the Ocean Ground area
Other monsters in Relation: -
Elements: 25px
Ailments: 25px
Weaknesses: 25px, 25px
Signature move: Double scissor attack
Creator: Democide

Demo's Creature List


It looks similar to a skeleton shrimp. Parlamanteus has a partly transparent shell, that has a pinkish color. The pinkish eyes with black pupils are quite big. It has many body segments that have alternate darker and lighter color. The back is covered in plates, some of them are breakable. The Carapaceon possesses two thin arms with scisser-like claws at the end. Besides the scissor arms it has two pairs of legs over the ground while the other two pairs are stuck in the substratum. The end of the abdomen is visible not hidden in the ground The strong mandibles help it to cut the flesh in pieces so that the monster can devour them.


Average: 4508,42 cm

Biggest size measured: 4960,51 cm


Parlamenteus lives in benthic spheres where its legs hold onto the sand. The only known place to encounter these Carapaceons is the Ocean Ground but it's known that they are also living in other depths.


  • The weakness is earth, then ice.
  • In Rage Mode its body starts to glow.
  • Parlamanteus is sessile and normally doesn't move away from the place it stands.
  • Bacteria in the body of the Parlamenteus lets its body glow. Through the light colored segments the insides can be seen well.
  • It feeds of anything it attracts with its glowing body.
  • The Carapaceon attacks with its claws and is able to unleash water beams.
  • In the mating season females leave their territory to find a partner. When found a male, she will observe the color and biolumiscently glowing of the body. If the female likes it she will enter the reach of the male.
    • The eggs are layed randomly on the ground.
  • Parlamanteus larvae can swim and live freely on the ground in the deep sea. They can glow as well and attract prey with this.
    • The larvae are born as big as a Arowana but grow very fast. When they reach the adult age their body shape begins to change from beneficial for swimming to sessile living.
  • It's assumed that only few predators are able to hunt Parlamanteus. Suggested are Abyssal Lagiacrus, Dire Miralis and Ceadeus but none was ever seen attacking the Carapaceon.
  • Breakable parts are the antennas (both at once), the claws (twice each), the mandibles and different spots on the back.


  1. Claw slash
  2. Water beam
  3. Bite
  4. Body slam
  5. Scissor cut
  6. Double scissor attack
  7. Rotation attack


Parlamenteus Claw (only when broken), Parlamenteus Pincer (only when broken three times), Parlameneus Antenna (when broken), Parlamenteus Plate (when back spots broken), Parlamenteus Leg, Parlamenteus Shell, Parlamenteus Hide, Parlamenteus Mandibles (when broken), Deep Sea Gemstone

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