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Monster Description

The Parathian is a pseudo wywern which looked almost like a Tigrex or Nargacugar. It's capable of electrical attacks, causing thunderblight and paralyzingly effects.


It has a orange, sharp beak followed by a head covered in light blue fur. A large horn also sprouted from the top of its head. The Parathian's body is shaped almost like the Tigrex and Nargacugar. It's wings are like a Tigrex's but is made of rubber and contains electrical-generating organs. The tail is also capable of generating electrical attacks.

Habitat Range

It lives in the desert, island, swamp and volcano.


If it sees a hunter, it will give an ear-splitting roar like a Nargacugar's. Most attacks are claw-swipe with electrical effect, jumped at hunter and land gracefully, Shoot thunderbolts from tail. Tail swipe with electrical effect. Jump up high in the air and shoots down a large thunderbolt. When raged, the attacks are faster and more stronger. As for the jump-high-in-the-air-and-shoot-thunderbolt attack, the single thunderbolt will be increased to three bolts.


Appears in high rank quest only.