Parasitik Queen
Parasitik Queen
Parasitik Queen
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The Parasitik Queen is a large female neopteran that is the queen of a parasitik swarm. It first appears in MH Prime 1. 

Appearance, Abilities and Aspects

It looks much like a normal Parasitik , only much bigger and more bloated. it's legs, especially the Front legs, are larger, the front being the largest, and possess galvanized tips, which can cut through most types of armor. They also have a mouth like orifice on their tail, most likely used for birthing offspring. They can spit a stream of concentrated acid from their mouths, making them very deadly opponents.


  • When near death, it's will drool a green acidic bile-like substance. 
  • It's Saliva is acidic, and will inflict defense down status on contact.
  • It's weakest to the Fire Element.
  • When low on stamina, it will eat an Aptonoth, Slagtoth, Rhenoplos, or any other small monster it can kill. one can tell if its low on stamina by looking at it's mouth. it will drool a yellow bile.
  • It is the first boss monster that is faced in Monster Hunter Prime 1.
  • It can issue orders to it's Parasitik swarm by screeching and roaring. One can tell what the Queen PArasitik is ordering the Swarm to do by listening to the tone of the call.
  1. If it is a high pitched screech, The Queen is calling her swarm to her. She will also do this to call more Parasitiks to battle.
  2. If it is a low, growling noise, she is telling the swarm to attack. This makes the Parasitiks around her to try to circle the hunter, and flank him/her, similar to what Jaggis do when ordered by the Great Jaggi to do so.


Damage Table
Hitzone cut impact shot Fire Water Ice Thunder Dragon
Head 50 45 45 50 10 10 45 0
Underbelly 60 55 55 55 0 10 50 0
Legs 45 45 45 45 0 10 40 0
Tail 60 20 40 50 10 10 45 0
Back 10 50 50 45 40 40 40 0
Front Legs 45 45 45 30 5 5 25 0
Poison immune
Sleep somewhat effective
Paralysis effective
Slime somewhat effective


  • It is planned to appear in MH Prime 1 Crisis

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