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Creator: Gojira

The Parasitik is a small neopteran that is idigenous to the Primius region. It first appears in Monster Hunter Prime. Small and shrimp like, they are known as interegional vermin. A single Parasitik is harmles to larger creatures, but they tend to live in swarms. Such swarms can be dangerous, as they use their sheer numbers to overtake prey. recent research shows that they may follow orders from a larger monarch, the Parasitik Queen.

Another noteworthy thing about this species is their ability to evolve rapidly in less than three generations, similar to Floralians. This is because of the fact that a Parasitik's DNA is prone to mutation when passed on to offspring, allowing new species to arise from a single ancestor rather quickly. Such individual species that are known are the Plated Parasitik and it's tundra living relative.


Note: a Parasitik, unlike most neopterans, will not shatter when killed, making carving them an easy task.

  1. Parasitik tail
  2. Parasitik spine
  3. Parasitik leg
  4. Parasitik shell
  5. Parasitik Carapace (high rank-> X rank only)
  6. Monster fluid
  7. Monster Broth ( high rank only)
  8. Parasitik jaw
  9. Monster Essence (G-> X rank only)
  10. Parasitik Attanae


  • since Parasitiks travel in large swarms, they can overtake large prey like Aptonoth.

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