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Parasaurioleus is a Brute Wyvern found in the Lost World. Forest and Hills, and Old Swamp regions.

Appearance and behavior

Parasaurioleus resembles the dinosaur Parasaurolophus, but is a lot larger, entirely bipedal, and covered in armor. Despite being herbivorous, it is highly aggressive, and will attack the hunter with a series of attacks, most notably fire-breathing. They typically have a brownish coloration, with a bright red head crest.

When weak or fatigued, Parasaurioleus will eat plants or drink water to regain health and stamina.


Parasaurioleus is a Fire element monster, and can inflict Fireblight. It is weakest to Ice.


  • Fire breath: Parasaurioleus will breathe a stream of fire at the hunter.

More coming soon.


  • Parasaurioleus is based off the fire-breathing Parasaurolophus in Dinosaurs By Design, a creationist book. the (utter bullcrap) theory presented in the book is that Parasaurolophus is the Leviathan mentioned in Job 41, and that it used its crest to breathe fire.

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