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Obsidiark is a serpent wyvern that lives in the Revalius region's Volcanic and Desert areas, as well as temperate regions at times. It is known for being able to burrow through rock and soil in a similar fashion to an Agnaktor. It has an obsidian black hide, which has evolved to whistand the Scorching heat of the Volcanic regions they like to inhabit. Their mouths have evolved into a beak like structure, similar to an Agnaktor's beak, which is used to burrow through rock and soil. It's beak is filled with triangular teeth, similar to a pirahnah's, which can fit together in the mouth perfectly, and are perfect for ripping flesh, as such, they cannot swallow their prey whole like most serpent wyverns. When angered, their hoods flare up, collecting thermal energy to charge up their fire breath attack. They also use their hoods to signal their feelings, and also to communicate. for example: When angry, the hoods turn red. When fatigued, it turns orange. When weak, turns a dull yellow. when low on stamina (aka: hungry) it is brown.

When low on stamina, it will often prey on Aptonoth, Apceros, Rhenoplos, Slagtoth, kelbi, or any other small monster that it can kill. 

There is a similar species  that lives in the tundra regions, known as the Glaciark (coming soon) 

During the breeding season, Male Obsidiark venture to the temperate zone to find a mate.

Title: Thermal Serpent.

Element: Fire

Ailments: fireblight

Weakness(es): Water, Ice

Signature move: Fire breath

Breakable parts:

  • Beak (scarred)
  • Tail (sever)
  • hood (break)
  • chest (break, then scarred)

Weakness sign: Hood turns a dull yellow.

Relative(s): Glaciark

Habitat(s): Scorched Volcano, Lakeview woods, Zikonia forest, Wilolu forest, White Desert

Move set

coming soon


  • The name obsidiark comes from the name of the volcanic rock Obsidian.

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