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Nicknames: Dragonprey, Novaprey
Titles: Dragon birds
Other Info
Description: White small bird wyvern
Species: Bird Wyvern
Habitats: Any place where it can scavenge and steal
Other monsters in Relation: Nuevodrome, Velociprey, Genprey, Giaprey, Ioprey
Elements: Dragon
Ailments: Dragonblight
Weaknesses: Thunder
Signature move: Dragonspit
Creator: YukiHaze aka Cleff

The Nuevoprey or Novaprey is a small Bird Wyvern that has adapted to several climates, it's related to the Prey family of Bird Wyverns, but it's attack patterns resemble that of a Jaggi or Baggi, they are considered more dangerous than most small monsters due to their ability to spit a black substance that gives Dragonblight.


They are white and are smaller than a Velociprey, but their ability to spit a Dragon related substance makes them more deadly than a regular Prey.

They are scavenger, meaning they will take anything a bigger monster leaves, and sometimes they will try to steal food from Veolicpreys, which makes them eternal enemies.

The first sightings of Nuevoprey where on a recently discovered island where monsters seem to have evolved differently, they commonly assaulted the small Mapuke Town created on the beach border, when the hunters arrived they stopped attacking the town, there were reports of two to five people badly injured and at least two deaths before the hunters arrived.

Other Notes

  • The Nuevoprey has major gender differences, the male ones have black tiger-like lines on their white body and two crimson red crests, while the female ones have only one black crest, longer tail and black spots around their body.
  • At some point on their lifespan a third crest grows in between the other ones, and their black substance becomes more powerful.
  • When achieving the status of Nuevodrome, their fangs become larger and they ability to steal other's food increases, Nuevopreys only try to steal food from other preys and small carnivores, Nuevodromes also try to steal food from Yian Kut-Ku and even Tigrex.
  • The female Nuevoprey is informally known as Novaprey.
  • Novapreys only get bigger with time, unlike the male counterpart that gains a crest, better fangs and more things to help scavenging.
  • In Monster Hunter Forward this species becomes less scary.

Carve List and other Information

Carve list

Nuevoprey Hide Nuevoprey Hide

"A tiger-like hide of white skin and black marks." Template:!- Template:! Scale Nuevoprey Scale Template:! "A scale that contains special borders that easily adapts to several climates and areas." Template:!- Template:! Crest Nuevoprey Crest Template:! "A crimson crest that is sharp enoughto cut small rocks." Template:!- Template:! CrestF Nuevoprey Crest F Template:! "A female nuevoprey crest, the prettier the crest, the more males it will attract on mating season."

Monster Name

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