Nicknames: Dragon Drome
Titles: Dragonbreath Raptor
Other Info
Description: Scavenging raptor, hard to kill
Species: West Sea Bird Wyvern
Habitats: Mesa, Devil's valley, Highlands
Other monsters in Relation: Nuevoprey
Elements: Dragon
Ailments: Dragonblight
Weaknesses: Thunder
Signature move: Stealing tail slam
Creator: YukiHaze

The Nuevodrom is the adult form of the Nuevoprey, only a few Nuevopreys can become a Nuevodrome, others die at young age, the main difference with their child form is a third horn that grows in the middle of the other two, bigger fangs, harder skin and a more powerful Dragonbreath.


Nuevodromes are highly intelligent scavengers, they can steal the food of other wyverns easily, as their dragonbreath is feared by them, they are stronger than all the other raptors, but weaker than most flying wyverns, it is currently unknown how they manage to scare bigger monsters, as this technique works against Yian Kut-Ku and Rathalos pretty easily.

Hunters can notice when a Nuevodrome is nearby when the monster they are hunting back away from him/her and start looking in several directions, after that they will scream like if they were on the border of death and run away as fast as possible.

Other Notes

  • Grown female Nuevopreys (Novapreys) are informally known as Novadromes, they have no major difference from the normal female individuals except for their size and combat ability.
  • Only two monsters that live on their habitat aren't scared of Nuevodromes, the Helmungander (Because of it's status as an Undead Wyvern) and the Tartarus Arzuros (Due to it having a more powerful dragonbreath).
  • Some people think that they irradiate the smell of an ancient demon wyvern that prehistoric dragons feared, hence they can scare monsters more powerful than them.
  • In Monster Hunter Forward this species becomes less scary.

Carves and other Info


Nuevoprey Hide Nuev.Drome Hide

"A highly durable hide that has a stripped pattern." Template:!- Template:! Crest Nuev.Drome Crest Template:! "A big crest that is darker than the other two." Template:!- Template:! Nuev.Drome Teeth Set Template:! "All of them have a saw pattern on the borders."

In-Game Description


"A highly aggresive scavenging raptor, it is feared by most monsters because of his dragonbreath"

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